Well, after only being in Los Angeles for 6 months, I got to go to my first premier and it was Star Trek! I owe it all to Jack Morrissey, a prop collector who I met through our auctions, who has become a good friend as he is a fellow geek at heart. A Hollywood producer, Jack hates premieres, so hooked me up with two tickets to the event. I guess I have no name my firstborn “Jack” now. Thanks to Jack for one of the most memorable evenings of my life.

We got to the event early to get a good seat, but didn’t need to as the seats in Grauman’s Chinese Theater were all reserved seating. After some free popcorn and soda, we took our seats and waited for over an hour for the show. It was on Hollywood time, so the 7:00 start time meant they finally kicked off with Brad Gray, Paramount studio chief at 7:40. JJ followed and pointed out every actor in the audience. Walter Koenig and George Takei were there representing the old crew, and of course Leonard Nimoy got the most applause of everyone in the new crew.

There was plenty of star gazing to be had. Practically the entire cast of Heroes was there to support Zach Quinto. Kevin Pollock, Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Jorge Garcia (Hurley on Lost), Christian Slater, Chris Doohan and plenty of those actors who you say “I know him/her from somewhere.”

The movie was AMAZING. Simply awesome! If you don’t like this movie you are not a Star Trek fan. And people who aren’t Star Trek fans will love this movie too. It is non stop action, plenty of laughs, and plenty of cheering. Pine IS Kirk, Quinto was excellent, Pegg was hysterical as Scotty and we don’t see enough Urban who definitely is channeling Deforest Kelly in all the right ways. Also, the other Starfleet Captain’s in this movie kick ass. Robau (captain of the Kelvin) is an ass kicker and I love Bruce Greenwood as Pike.

I loved how they worked Nimoy’s Spock into this, and it REALLY drew the new and the old together. They did it in a way that respect’s continuity and yet explains things the way we should all be happy.

There are some SHOCKING moments, a surprise love interest and you will walk out of the theater thinking “Well, I am not sure if this is better than Wrath of Khan, but it is close.”

Ultimately any Star Trek fan who doesn’t like this movie needs to get a life. 🙂

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  1. Is Chris Doohan is in this movie or was he there because of his dad? Cool if he is actually in it

  2. Glad to see they used a brit to play Scotty looking for to the movie. I am going dressed as Scotty with 5 of my friends in our star trek costumes. I had a job find so star trek costumes in the UK but i found some at signaturecostumes.co.uk. Hope the movie is as good as people are saying and that they will be more to follow.

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