Propworx is back in a major way with three 2015 Star Trek auctions this year.  Some have called this the best Star Trek auction since Christie’s.  It certainly is the best Star Trek auction since propworx’s first Star Trek auction in 2010.
This auction has 101 lots of props, costumes and models!  There were truly amazing pieces including a TOS Phaser, the Saratoga Escape Pod model from DS9’s “Emissary”.
The highest prices were realized for:  Star Trek: Voyager Seven of Nine brown catsuit, $12,750;  Star Trek: TNG Medical Tricorder, $9,500; and a Star Trek: TNG Counselor Deanna Troi outfit, $8,750.

The final hammer prices for the auction are listed below.  They do not include an 18% buyers premium.


Thanks to Gerald Gurian for handling the images.

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