For those of you who are crossover collectors like me, we at Propworx are proud to be in the home stretch of our Battlestar Galactica auctions on eBay. We have about 8 weeks of auctions left, and this Sunday, the first of those auctions will be closing.

There are 154 items up for bid and you can find something in every price range. Two of the top items are Helo’s stunt flight suit. Now it says stunt because it wasn’t worn by Tamoh Penikett, but it still is a beautiful flight suit and one that would look good in any collection. With non-character flight suits going between $ 3,500 and $ 4,500, you can expect this one to go in that range.

Also up this week is Colonel Tigh’s Dog tags! Yeah, you got to love the old guy. And the actor, Michael Hogan, was a class act who came to both of our live auctions. His tags should go in the $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 range.

So check out the auctions here and have fun! It is all coming to and end soon!


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