Two of my good friends in the collecting community have taken to blogging themselves for the purpose of showcasing their collections. Both Francis and Jim’s sites are great examples of how to share your love for your favorite Star Trek costumes. I urge you to check them both out.

Niner’s Paradise Jim is a big DS9 fan and so his collection has many great costumes from that show. I love chatting with Jim as his passions for DS9 run as deep as mine. He even has TWO Garak costumes! The greedy bastard! 🙂

Ferengi Costumes. Francis was a hoot to have at Vegas this year. He even wore his costumes and got in a full Ferengi costume. He is also a major womanizer, so I think he fits the Ferengi role well. Francis is our resident Ferengi expert on the Star Trek Prop Forum. His blog uses the same tool (Blogger) I do, and Francis does a great job of filling in details on the costumes with screencaps.

Francis with Star Trek Prop Forum superstar costumer Suzie at Vegas

I urge you all to check out both their sites!


2 Replies to “New SItes by Collectors”

  1. Kind of strange that you call one of your “good friends”, Jim a greedy bastard, when you are the one that gets all the deals on captain uniforms from IAW. I’m surprised that anyone has a chance to get a costume they want when you have even the slightest interest in it. What happened, did your computer crash, or did you forget to put your standard four thousand dollar snipe bid in for each costume, wiping out any chance for someone else to own it. Your recent actions with the IAW auctions show me that you’re the greedy bastard as far as I’m concerned. Making new ebay accounts just to hide your buying all the good items on the IAW auctions from everyone on the forums. That shows me what a small and underhanded person you are. I’ve met you once and that was enough, you were very arrogant and full of yourself. I couldn’t stand to be around you for more than five minutes before walking away. You would think someone like you that has had such good luck with the IAW auctions and got the Battlestar Galactica deal that you would be a little nicer to all the “little people” as I’m sure you call them, who just want to say hi to you. Grow up Mr. Peters, before you don’t have any friends left.

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