The TOS female mini-dress that popped up on eBay last week has caused quite a stir.  You can see it here.  The discussion has been whether it is a 3rd season or a Phase II and I can tell you pretty conclusively that it is a Phase 2.

I met with Bruce and Laurie Carlson yesterday and they were very nice people.  They took plenty of time out of their day to show another collector and myself the costume and admitted they don’t know much.  Bruce worked on Star Trek 1-6 as a grip and had plenty of stories.  

I inspected the costume, and then compared notes with Gerald Gurian, who I consider a very good authority on TOS costumes.  Gerald and I recently authenticated a TOS Gold Velour costume, and so I know his expertise and his openness to discussion.
The costume is in amazing shape, and comes complete with 3rd season insignia and braid.  I will tell you upfront, that the plastic zipper, and the square weave fabric, makes it pretty clear that this is a Phase 2 costume.  Note that while the photos show it golden, it is TOTALLY green.  Just bad lighting!
Here are the photos:


TOS season 1-3 costumes had metal zippers with the name “Unique” in on the pull
A Season 1 Gold Command Tunic Zipper
 Phase 2 costumes had plastic zippers with a metal pull.
Two Phase 2 Costumes showing plastic zippers
Standard TOS Season 3 wool double knit fabric

This is the fabric that  is used on Phase 2 costumes.
A Sample from a known TOS Chapel mini-dress
And the TOS Mini-dress currently on eBay
So a few people who I have talked to concur that this is a Phase 2 costume and not a TOS 3rd season one.  Still, it is a beautiful piece and I think it will go over the $ 5,000 starting bid.

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