Well, we have been digging into the Captain Archer model on eBay and the seller has responded to David Solomon, the buyer of the $ 10,837 version from IAW, and he even sent me an email with a photo.

So, the seller has TWO Archer models, and he won the lot of the Remote Control and anti-grav device on the archive here.

The seller hasn’t answered the real questions:

1)  Why are you using photos of the model that are not yours?

2)  Why not use a photo of the listing for YOUR model?

3)  Why do you not show a full image of the COA?  

4)  Which model is this?

Now, he has added additional comments to state that the photo of David’s listing is for reference only (A little late and still deceptive)

The COA in the crappy photo of the COA on his auction listing:

Notice how he hides the full photo on the COA, the only part that actually shows you WHAT the COA goes to?   The photo from the Star Trek Auction Archive used on the COA:

But the big question is, where did these come from, and which one is the one with the COA that as been restored.  Because the photo above CLEARLY shows that it only had one nacelle and there are ONLY two of these in the auction archive.

More questions need to be answered.  This is all about clarity and precision.



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