I posted 9 Star Trek Items on eBay.  They are mostly items that were left over from the Doug Drexler auction, including two awesome translights.  They close tomorrow, so get your bids (or snipes) in!  They are under Propworx on eBay.

The above is the Global Security Translight from the DS9 episode “Homefront”.  

A set of two Enterprise line drawings from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Main DS9 Translight from Operations

An original Enterprise decal sheet from Star Trek: TMP

Large Starfleet emblem from Voyager

Millenium Gate poster from Voyager

The TNG Enterprise D Helm and Nav consoles.  An unused translight.

There are two different size Voyager schematics.  
These are awesome prints, perfect for framing.

Thanks for bidding!


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