Star Trek Screen Used Sisko Comm Badge

You know, I hate it when sellers try and defraud Star Trek fans, and this seller, depressed-donkey, has been suspicious for some time. This Comm badge he claims was used by Avery Brooks in “Trials and Tribulations”, but he supplies no evidence for this. He doesn’t say how he knows it was used by Avery, or how he came into possession of it. He claims it comes with a COA, but doesn’t state whose COA (his is surely worthless).

Moreover, the Comm badge appears fake! Look at the back, it doesn’t look like any comm badge I have, and the depression where the Velcro sits looks totally wrong. Also, the Comm badges are usually not painted on back, and even when there is paint on the back, it isn’t all over based on how they were held when painted.

So, in summary:

1) There is no evidence supplied this was ever used by Avery

2) There is no provenance to show how he got it.

3) It doesn’t look real because of the casting around the Velcro

4) The back is painted incorrectly

This seller has done this before selling allegedly screen used Data items. I urge you to BE SMART.

Remember, the burden of proof is on the SELLER to prove an item is real and this seller has failed miserably.


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