Well, Miami Sci Fi has never been a favorite of mine. Their prices are outrageous and they have tried to cause problems for me in the past when I brought their issues to light here on this blog. They are also banned from the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum.

Well, now they have shown how little they know about screen used props & costumes by getting the Robert Picardo Emergency Command Hologram costume that was originally acquired from IAW signed by Bob Picardo in big black Sharpie! You can see their eBay listing here.

As most collectors know, this only destroys the value of the item. You NEVER get a real prop or costume signed. Get a replica signed, that is cool, but not the real thing.

So this costume, which sold for $ 2,469 from IAW, and which Miami Sci Fi wanted $ 5,000 for, they have now marked down to $ 2,999.99 and I doubt anyone will buy it at this price. I always liked this costume and episode and would have bought it for $ 3,000. I was the under bidder in the IAW auction originally! But signed as it is, I wouldn’t be interested in it at any price.

Take this as a lesson prop collectors! NEVER get your items signed. An autograph only diminishes the value of a real prop or costume.


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