66th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending May 2nd)

While this is the 66th week of auctions, It is titled Week 71/72 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Because Burt’s archive denotes weeks by when they start, not end, they wound up with two different weeks for auctions ending May 2nd as some auctions started April 22nd and some started April 25th.

The highest selling costume this week was ironically a background Class D Jumpsuit from TMP, which went for a very strong $ 2,025. Now this one had the built in boots, which we don’t see often, and so I think it is a great costume, but a bit overpriced at over $ 2K.

I won the DS9 Romulan Representative Velal Uniform at $ 1,801 and was very happy about it. Many thanks to my buddy Jim Williams who backed off for me on this. It was the last DS9 alien race costume I needed. My home theater (in process) will now have a Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan on one side and a Breen, Jem Hadar and Cardassian on the other!

This was a good one also because the auction ad said it was the last complete Romulan IAW has. Now that is surprising as we haven’t seen that many Romulans, and there were a ton used in the show!

The Dr. Bashir Future Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,500 was a very good deal. My buddy Dana won this and I think he really scored. I love this style and this is from the DS9 episode “The Visitor”.

The Captain Kirk movie shirt went for a strong $ 1,480. Hard to say if this is over priced or not, but it is a Kirk.

The Command Red TNG Two Piece Uniform went for a reasonable $ 1,200. The two piece are a bit more in demand, and so this was not out of bounds.

The Klingon Boots went for $ 1,125 which was reasonable when you consider how hard these are to come by. I would have paid $ 1,500 easy to get a pair if I needed them (I fortunately got a pair when I bought my Klingon costume from IAW).

The Khan’s Woman Costume went for a strong $ 1,050. First of all, I would certainly never tell one of Khan’s crew women they belonged to ANYONE, even Khan! She would kick your ass in a heartbeat! But these costumes are memorable and the mask/headpiece is cool.

The Ensign Mayweather Desert Uniform went CHEAP at $ 960! I like these a ton and the buyer really scored here.

Two Buy It Nows worth mention:

The Enterprise Hoshi Sato uniform went for a cheap $ 1,400. I almost jumped on this, but it just didn’t fit in my collection. A great deal.

A Nemesis Geordi LaForge Starfleet uniform went for an insane $ 1,200. What was IAW thinking? I missed this, but would have jumped on it. A $ 2,000 costume for sure.

As far as props go:

Well, we had two Star Trek models this week to top off the prop selection. The almost infamous V’Ger Spock Mind Meld Model was sold previously, but would up being up for sale again and went for a very strong $ 4,072. OK, let me be honest, I HATE this model. I mean, it isn’t even V’Ger. it is a piece of V’Ger as seen through Spock’s mind. It is ugly and HUGE. I mean what the hell do you do with this? UGH.

On the other hand, the DS9 Pup Probe from the episode “Forsaken” was very cool. At $ 2,200 I think it was a good catch. Models are highly sought after and there just aren’t a ton to be had.

An Enterprise Bridge Tactical Console went for $ 1,314. I think this one sold before, and was a re-list.

At $ 1,177 the Starfleet Phaser Rifle (a Type 3b to be accurate) was a bit more than most rubber rifles go for, but reasonable for a good example. I had one of these and sold it for $ 800, but the IAW provenance is certainly worth a couple hundred bucks.

The Medical Scanning Device went for a strong $ 993.

The Art Asylum Enterprise Phase Pistol had a starting bid at $ 800 and didn’t sell! That is interesting and tells you what people think about this toy being sold as a prop. It is still a toy. Now I still think there is value here. It is like any other found item a show uses as a prop. But at the end of the day, it is the COA that has value.


Best Costume of the Week: Have to give myself this one for the Romulan Representative Velal Uniform at $ 1,801, which was a good deal on a beautiful Romulan costume.

Best Prop of the Week: The DS9 Pup Probe at $ 2,200 was a good deal on a great model!

Best Buy of the week:
The Ensign Mayweather Desert Uniform was an awesome deal at $ 960!

Worst Buy of the week: At $ 4,072, the V’Ger Spock Mind Meld Model was way too high for a rather unattractive model.

Sleeper of the Week: The Ferengi Air Filter Mask at $ 256 was a really beautiful prop and cheap!


Star Trek: TMP V’Ger Spock Mind Meld Model at $ 4,072.

Star Trek: DS9 Pup Probe at $ 2,200.

Star Trek: TMP Class D Jumpsuit at $ 2,025.

Star Trek: DS9 Romulan Representative Velal Uniform at $ 1,801

Star Trek: DS9 Dr. Bashir Future Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,500


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