67th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending May 9th)

While this is the 67th week of auctions, It is titled Week 73 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

There wasn’t a great selection this week, so this will be a bit shorter than usual. I thought the selection was weak, and the fact that the highest price item was only $ 1,500 proves that point. Sadly, Week 74 is hardly better. We may be seeing the dregs of the auctions for a bit.

The Captain Picard stunt uniform went for a very reasonable $ 1,524. It was a stunt and so I think this was a good deal. It is still Command Red and these go for more, and this is certainly better than a background players version, though it will be on teh small side, since Patrick isn’t as tall as say, Riker (or me for that matter!).

The Enterprise Operations Red Uniform went for $ 1,025. In the range of where a background costume could go, though on the high side. None the less, it is reasonable. I really think these uniforms shine in Command Gold. They really “pop” with that color combination. The red and green don’t show as well against the navy blue jumpsuit.

The Nemesis Style Starfleet Dress Uniform at $ 855 was a great deal. These are such great uniforms that look so good. I want one, but have been waiting in hopes of a main character (as my buddy Dana has. We are going to have to arm wrestle for one). At this price, I think they are a real steal.

The TNG Starfleet Command Red Uniform Jumpsuit was a female version and went for a reasonable $ 799. There continue to be many of these and they are at a reasonable price.

Darrin from the Star Trek Prop Forum got himself a great deal on a black and gray Starfleet Uniform at only $ 647! Quite a steal. It was a female gold operations and looks awesome.

As far as props go:

The Romulan Disruptor Rifle went for $ 1,200, which is in the range of where these go. They are big and solid and very cool. A good catch that will look good on display.

The Klingon Pain Stick at $ 1,161 was pretty awesome. I backed off of this for a friend, and am happy he won it, as it is a beauty. These are pretty intricate too and I think will look great in someone’s Klingon display.

The Starfleet Medical Travel Kit at $ 929 was OK. Need to clean it up, as it was missing an appliqué, and it needs a medical Tricorder for the side. Not one of the better ones we have seen, but OK at this price.

The NX Beta Cockpit Gauge Panel was alright, but nothing special. At $ 805 it was a bit rich, as I think there are plenty of these, but not too far off.

I won the Cardassian Disruptor Rifle at $ 766. I actually have been holding out for a resin one, but I had a low bid of $ 888 in on this one. I didn’t think I would win, but I think the broken off handles helped. I will simply glue those back, and this will be a great piece. I am amazed I got it so cheap.

Finally, the Son’a Eneregy Pistol from Insurrection went for a reasonable $ 610. This looks like a good one.


Best Costume of the Week:The Captain Picard stunt uniform at $ 1,524 was the best costume in a weak selection.

Best Prop of the Week: The Klingon Pain Stick at $ 1,161 was very cool.

Best Buy of the week: The Star Trek III Genesis Planet Microorganism Lot for $ 538. Two big slugs in this lot, so that is only $ 269 a slug!

Worst Buy of the week: None! Good job everyone!

Sleeper of the Week: Any of the great Starfleet Uniforms that went between $ 406 & $ 515!


Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard stunt uniform at $ 1,524.

Star Trek: TNG Romulan Disruptor Rifle at $ 1,200.

Star Trek: TNG Klingon Pain Stick at $ 1,161.

Star Trek: Enterprise Operations Red Uniform at $ 1,025.

Star Trek: TNG Starfleet Medical Travel Kit at $ 929.


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