68th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending May 16th)

While this is the 68th week of auctions, It is titled Week 74 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I have been traveling and been buried with a new project, which I will be telling you all about soon.

This week had some nice items, though was very prop heavy. The auctions have been a bit weak lately, but we can;t always expect great stuff every week. Plus, it gives those of us who are not Warren Buffet breathing room! My bank account needs a break!

Only two good costumes this week…

The Borg Drone Costume was a TNG style Borg and reasonably priced at $ 1,875. I almost bid on this, but the shoes didn’t quite do it for me. They were a bit beat up. But these are nice costumes, and pretty iconic. The First Contact and later style are less desirable IMHO. since they are made of foam and latex and break down easily.

The Vulcan Priest Costume went strong at $ 809, but certainly worth it for a beautiful costume. There are so many of these that they have been going cheap. But they are beautifully made and look great on display, so a good buy I think. This one was especially nice compared to ones we have seen lately.

As far as props go:

The Captain Archer Spaceship Model went for an absolutely INSANE $ 10,827. I was speaking with the winner before the auction, and I knew he wanted it, but this is seriously over paying. It is a nice piece though and a very important part of Captain Archer’s past. At Christie’s this item went for $ 3,800 ($ 4,560 with Buyer’s Premium).

The Enterprise Sensor Array was an absolutely spectacular prop. It went for a very strong $ 3,450, but this prop was actually worth it. Look at all the photos, there are a bunch of very intricate circuit boards that are removable, and having handled one, I can tell you they are amazing pieces of work.

The Nemesis Hero Phaser Rifle went for a healthy $ 3,000. It was pretty beat up, and the scope was broken off. I handled this one at Vegas (where it was on sale for $ 2,000) and it will take a lot of work to get this presentable. Still, it is cool and from a memorable scene in the movie.

The Rounded Borg Interface Panel from Voyager was cool, and will be a nice conversation piece in someone’s living room! It went for a healthy $ 1,525.

That was the same price the very cool, light up TNG Scanner went for. I liked this one, and I think most prop collectors love anything that lights up! At $ 1,525 I think it was reasonably priced.

We have seen the Nemesis Shinzon Blood Draw Knife before. So now we know they made at least two of these. This is pretty cool as it actually shows you how a stunt is done. At $ 1,353, a pretty good deal.
Finally, the Dabo Chips and Concept Art was a nice pairing. Now, I do think this was a bit high. A set of Dabo Chips has been going for $ 500 or so, and that means the buyer paid $ 350 for a photocopy of a piece of art. Pretty high in my book. But cool none the less. The Reman Disruptor Rifle went for a very reasonable $ 735. I have one and love these. The paint job is amazing.


Best Costume of the Week:The Borg Drone Costume at $ 1,875 was very cool!

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Sensor Array was spectacular!

Best Buy of the week: The Blank Faced PADD was a huge one and at $ 434 a great deal. Get a graphic from Rick Sternbach (who sells on eBay) and you have a beauty!

Worst Buy of the week: The Captain Archer Spaceship Model at $ 10,827 was WAY too high.

Sleeper of the Week: The John Eaves original art in the “Precursor to the Prime Directive” lot was awesome. Getting original John Eaves art at $ 300 or so a piece is a good deal in my book.


Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Archer Spaceship Model at $ 10,827

Star Trek: Enterprise Sensor Array at $ 3,450

Star Trek: Nemesis Hero Phaser Rifle at $ 3,000.

Star Trek: TNG Borg Drone Costume at $ 1,875.

Star Trek: Voayger Rounded Borg Interface Panel and the TNG Scanner both went for $ 1,525


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