87th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending October 20th)

While this is the 87th week of auctions, It is titled Week 96 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Sorry for the delay in getting these posts up, but the last few weeks in Vancouver working on the Battlestar Galactica auctions, were MURDER. We loaded 5 tractor/trailers with stuff and then unloaded it three days later in L.A. at our new warehouse. Then I took a much needed vacation, where I actually got to go spend time at my home! So, I will try and make up for it with a post every day for a week!

Week 96 was a week of 10 day auctions. IAW Started the auctions on October 10th, and ended them on October 20th.

There were 85 items this week and there were 7 items that topped $ 1,000.

The Costumes

The Major Kira Nerys Bajoran Militia Uniform went for a healthy $ 3,100. A great costume, I think these look great on display and I can’t fault teh buyer for paying this price for it.

Worf’s Klingon Boots from “All Good Things…” went for a very healthy $ 2,020! Now I can’t agrue with that price, as Klingon boots are rare and these are Worf’s!

The Unfinished Enterprise Away Team Jacket went for a strong $ 1,646. It was a nice piece, and I am not sure what exactly about it was unfinished. But it looks good and will display well.

A new bidder won the DS9 Commander Command Red Starfleet Uniform for a healthy $ 1,425. It came with Lt. Commander rank pips, but the description said it was in the Michael Dorn section. I think this was a bit deceptive (though not intentional on IAW’s part). This costume is listed as a Size 40, and everyone knows Dorn is a big guy, so this could not possibly be his.

The Vulcan Ceremonial Headpiece was a big surprise, going for a high $ 1,323. Donna, the winner and Forum member, isn;t afraid to bid strong on things she really wants. And this is from Star Trek III, which makes it over 25 years old.

I thought the Geordi LaForge Stunt Uniform was a great deal at $ 810. Not a Levar Burton, but still used for Geordi.

You have to love anything worn by DeForest Kelly as Dr. McCoy. The Dr. McCoy Starfleet Undershirt wasn’t a great piece in and of itself, but the fact that it is McCoy’s makes it cool.

The Props: The Nemesis Hero Phaser Rifle was a nice one that we saw at Vegas in 2007. It had all the hero attributes, but had a broken scope and was missing some metal panels. At $ 2,382 a good value, which, with about $ 500 worth of work, will be a good piece. I almost went after it, having bought a resin, non-hero previously, but when they are hanging on your wall, they all look the same! Still a good deal.
The Hirogen Console went for a strong $ 1,881 to IAW’s top buyer Martin from Germany. This is a nice piece that was reused for the Hirogen’s in Voyager after being used on Deep Space Nine. Martin loves his set pieces! Originally this was a Cardassian Replicator, and was pretty cool in that configuration. I am a little sad that it was converted, but that is exactly how Hollywood works!

The Romulan Mine/Xindi Super Weapon was a cool piece as well. At $ 948 a good deal on a prop whose history you can read here.

At $ 761, the Romulan Valdore Panel lot was a very good deal, each panel coming in under $ 200! I think this is typical of the good deals that are happening now with IAW. There is a lot of buyer fatique and so good lots are not getting bid on.

The First Contact Enterprise E Bridge Chair went for a cheap $ 709. A really great price I think.

The Full Alien Latex Head was a good deal at $ 440 and went to IAW veteran bidder Jason Stevens, who has an office full of these things.


Best Costume of the Week: The Major Kira Nerys Bajoran Militia Uniform at $ 3,100 was a beauty.

Best Prop of the Week: Lots of great props this week, I would have given it to the Phaser Rifle if in better condition. So the Hirogen Console wins the award this week (even though it is a set piece and technically not a prop!)

Best Buy of the week: The Geordi LaForge Stunt Uniform was a great deal at $ 810.

Worst Buy of the week:
None! Keep up the good work!

Sleeper of the Week: The Romulan Valdore Panel lot was a great deal at $ 761, as that means each panel cost $ 190! A steal!


Star Trek: DS9 Major Kira Nerys Bajoran Militia Uniform at $ 3,100.

Star Trek:Nemesis Hero Phaser Rifle at $ 2,382

Star Trek: TNG Worf’s Klingon Boots from “All Good Things…” at $ 2,020.

Star Trek: Voyager Hirogen Console at $ 1,881.

Star Trek: Enterprise Unfinished Enterprise Away Team Jacket at $ 1,646.


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