89th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending November 8th)

While this is the 89th week of auctions, It is titled Week 98 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

There were 87 items this week but only four topped $ 1,000. IAW had a low total sales volume this week, at $ 23,513, due to the vast majority of items being below $ 500. It was another great week for bargains as the product mix continued to be bottom heavy.

The Costumes

At $ 2,425, the Chief O’Brien costume was the weeks top costume. These always look good, as the gold is really set off by the black costume. This was the early, Voyager style, so I feel this went high.

Also at $ 2,425 was the Q as Borg /Crosis from “Descent” costume. A nice costume, this went higher than previous TNG style Borg costumes, most likely due to the Q connection. I like these better than the foam and latex movie style ones. And I am sure this will display well on a mannequin.

The Two Piece Geordi LaForge Uniform with Rank went for a reaosnable $ 2,071. The rank sets this apart, as we don’t often see these with it, and Geordi is a popular character, so I think this buyer did well.

The Klingon Kronos 1 Phaser Blast Victom Lot went to bidder “bigstartrekcollector”. Unfortunately with only 20 items to his name over two years, I am not sure how big he is! None the less, this is an interesting lot from the pivotal scene in Star Trek VI. At $ 988 a fair price.
IAW should note that the Klingon homeworld is spelled Qo’noS, not Kronos, which is the phonetic pronunciation.

A First Contact Command red Uniform went for a very reasonable $ 910 to longtime bidder jeddi007.

Finally an interesting lot was the Prototype Starfleet Uniform Undershirt Lot. At $ 613, forum member Chris did very well for a unique piece of Star Trek history. These undershirts had straight turtlenecks, not the quilted ones we are used to seeing.

The Props:

I am not sure if the fact that an Art Asylum Enterprise Phaser was the top prop this week shows how bad the market is, or that we have some new unenlightened bidders. But the Enterprise Phase Pistol and Holster at $ 1,200 was a bit much. Even the holster is a mess! But, to each his own! This will not be getting top prop awards this week.

The Lighted Hand Scanner Prop at $ 692 was a fair deal for a prop that actually lights up. These always are in demand as there is something cool about a prop that works!

Ho hum, more Genesis Microorganisms. At $ 565 though, less than $ 100 each. Spread them around as party favors.

The MACO Hand Scanner – Static was a great deal at only $ 338. I almost bid on this and would have been a very happy camper at this price.
But it wound up going to forum member Jamie, who is a happy collector indeed!

Finally, I loved the Star Trek Teapot and think it was a STEAL at $ 270. I was surprised more people didn’t go after this. A very cool piece that is even practical.


Best Costume of the Week: The Q as Borg /Crosis from “Descent” costume at $ 2,425 was the nicest is a lame week of costumes!

Best Prop of the Week: One of the worst weeks ever for props, so the MACO Hand Scanner – Static at only $ 338 wins the award this week!

Best Buy of the week:
The Star Trek Teapot was a STEAL at $ 270.

Worst Buy of the week: None! Keep up the good work!

Sleeper of the Week: The Vulcan Priestess costume at $ 364


Star Trek: DS9 Chief O’Brien costume at $ 2,425

Star Trek: TNG Q as Borg /Crosis from “Descent” costume at $ 2,425

Star Trek: TNG Two Piece Geordi LaForge Uniform with Rank at $ 2,071

Star Trek: Enterprise Phase Pistol and Holster at $ 1,200

Star Trek: VI Klingon Kronos 1 Phaser Blast Victom Lot at $ 988


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  1. Hi Alec! Thanks for the remarks on the teapot sale! I thought it was a great Prop buy. I was pleased to get it. Thanks for the reviews—I need to access and read them more faithfully—Best!

    Hank Zimmerman

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