If you search on IAW this week, and order by highest price, you see 7 fantastic costumes. IAW has been jumping between low end props and costumes for weeks, and this is a good week for costumes. There are 7 good ones resting at the top of the heap with six days to go.

Everyone is talking about the Phase II Engineering Red Starfleet Uniform. This is an awesome piece with way more Star Trek history than anyone realizes. Bidding is already at $ 1,500 and I see this over $ 4,000. You’ve got to love the Mork & Mindy emblem on the back, which shows how costumes were treated back in the day. You also start to realize how under priced these items were ar Christie’s. Maybe it was because they were some of the last items and there was buyer fatigue on day 3. Still, some people got a deal back then!

The TNG First Season Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit is going strong at $ 1,225. Just a background piece, this one has been surprising. Of course command red is always a fave and always commands a premium over operations gold or sciences blue. This one will go well over $ 2,000.

The Voyager Captain Janeway two-piece Uniform is another example of bad descriptions by IAW. They say the jumpsuit has a tag but not the jacket. Well, was the uniform found in the Janeway section? Were they together? Sloppy recording of what is crucial information means questionable provenance. Now, I DO think this was probably all together, but we should know. My guess is this is NOT Colin’s description but one of his minions. Colin is pretty accurate and careful. But this description is just woefully unacceptable. At $ 1,125 with 6 days to go, I see this around $ 3-4,000 and well worth it.

Captain Archer’s Desert Uniform is pretty cool and has rank pips. Again, no mention of tags or how we know it is Archer’s outside of the Pips. Well documented boots. I like this and think they look good on display. Also, costumes like this are cheaper ways to get a Captain. I see this around $ 2,500.

The Lt. Ducane 29th Century Starfleet Uniform from “Relativity” is a beauty. I have a red one, and this green one is the first we have seen of this color. A LOT of interest in this baby, and it is currently at $ 1,001. Previous ones have gone around $ 1,800 and a secondary market sale last week for a female version was at that price. Expect this to go near $ 2,500.

The Captain AG Robinson Starfleet Uniform from “First Flight” is a nice one, despite being ripped up in back. A memorable episode, this costume was worn by veteran actor Keith Carradine.

Finally, you have got to love Sybok! Well, Star Trek V sucked, let’s face it. But Sybok was a great character and this costume is a great one. It comes with the outer robe. The last one went to the greatest Star Trek V collector in the world, Aaron Carlson for about $ 2,500, but that one was more complete and had boots. Still, this one should go in the $ 1,500-2,000 range.

Well, that is a bit of a preview of what is up this week. I don’t do previews much, but this stuff deserved a good look as there is so much interest this week.

Good hunting!


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