“Generations” Captain Kirk death costume – stunt

The Kirk costume in the Piece of the Past Star Trek auction is a mix of a Shatner undershirt and stunt vest and pants. Interestingly both the vest and pants have slits in them for what was probably wires for a stunt rig,

This is an important costume, even though it is mostly stunt. And I think it is worth $ 4-5,000 or so. I hope these close ups help some.


Shirt Tag

Holes in the shirt

And holes in the vest

Vest Tag

Inside back of vest

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  1. Hello Alec,

    thank you for professional comments about the items. IĀ“m interested in some items in this auction. But IĀ“m not sure what items are really from the series. So what do you think about the Tricorder or the Klingon Knife?

    Greeting from Germany,

    PS: I have bought some items in your last auction from Propworx šŸ˜‰

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