There is a fair number of props in the Profiles auction.  All the basics are here, phasers, tricorders and the usual Geordi VISOR.  (There seems to be one of these every single Profiles auction).  So here are some thoughts.
Lot # 1484, 1485 & 1486
These are three early TNG props, all made from balsa wood.  Very cool and very rare.  Their rarity is balanced out by the fact that they are less desirable to most collectors than resin ones.  There is a Dustbuster phaser and two static tricorders.  In this market, I think they are $ 800-1,000 props.

There are 4 PADDs in this auction, and represent a few major races.  PADDs are pretty common, but also good looking, easily displayable props.  I have a bunch and love them all.

The Klingon PADD (Lot 1492) one is the least interesting Klingon PADDs I have seen.  Really rather boring.  I think the $ 400-600 estimate is pretty right-on.  I would say $ 400 max if I was buying.  The last one, which went in Auction # 40 last summer (Lot 1469), went for $ 450 and was much nicer than this one.
The Romulan PADD (Lot 1493) is very cool. I have one of these and like it as I love all things Romulan.  Relaly looks great in person.  This one should go around $ 600.
The Cardassian PADD (Lot 1494) is also a nice piece and again, probably a $ 600 item.  
Lot 1497 is a TNG era PADD.  Simple, there are a bunch of these in existence.  Don’t go over $ 500 on this.
The Klingon Knife, Lot 1491, is a staple of prop collecting, especially if you like Klingons.  Like the Bat’Leth, it is instantly recognizable and thus very popular.  I think the estimate is way low.  This is a $ 1,500 item easy.
The Ferengi Triocorder is interesting as you don’t see these often, but I am not sure there will be a lot of interest.  The Ferengi just aren’t that popular (except with Francis!) and so I will be surprised to see this break $ 1,000.

The Hypospray, Lot 1496, is another important prop and I think this too goes around $ 1,000 -1,500.  A lot of collectors like the staples and this one looks like a nice one, with a brass tip and a plexiglass vial.

Lot # 1498 is a Mk VII Tricorder and pretty cool.  This one is supposedly functional, but not working at this time.  I am not sure why Profiles wouldn’t have this fixed.  So I would want more info on this.  Working Tricorders have been going in the $ 4-5,000 range.  This one might go in the $ 3,000 range, and is worth it at that level, but without verification that it works, not more.  The Mk VII that went in Auction # 40 went for $ 4,250 and was much nicer and worked.
Now why does Profiles have a ridiculous $ 800-1,200 estimate?  That is just absurd.  I wish auction houses would stop playing games with estimates.  I mean I understand perfectly why you estimate low, you want people to think it is affordable, but at least be realistic.
There are a few more staples of Star Trek collecting.  A Romulan Disruptor pistol, a Cobrahead phaser and of course Geordi’s VISOR.  It amazes me how many of these come up for auction.  The last one sold, in Auction # 40, went for $ 4,500.  The estimate for this one is appropriately $ 4,000-6,000. 
Lot # 1517 is a lot fo 5 Tribbles from “Trials and Tribbleations”.  The last time Profiles has a group of these was in Auction # 40 (Lot 1493) and it went for $ 1,800 for 10 Tribbles, or $ 180 each.  Pretty fair.  This lot has 5 Tribbles so should go in the $ 900- 1,000 range.
Well, that is it for now.  More next week.  

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