My apologies for taking so long to get up Part 2 of last Saturday’s Profiles auction, but the travel from hell took its toll and I went down with a cold. But I feel great now so back to blogging! Today I am going to review the top 5 best and worst buys from the Profiles auction.


1) Lot # 1251 TOS Chekov’s Tunic and Pants $ 8,000.

A total steal at this price. And half where I thought it would go. This costume went to Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum member Dr. Brett and he did well at this price.

2) Lot # 1283 Geordi LaForge VISOR $ 4,500

Another prop that went to a forum member, this time Adam Schneider, who usually focuses on models. A similar piece went not too long ago for twice this price.

3) Tricorders!

Any of the below were good prices!

Lot # 1297…..$ 3,750
Lot # 1331…..$ 1,400

Lot # 1332…..$ 4,000

Lot # 1334…..$ 4,000

Lot # 1335…..$ 3,500

4) Lot # 1408 The Doctor’s Hero Mobile Emitter

At only $ 2,750, this is a great price for the KEY prop from Star Trek Voyager. And this is the rare metal version.

5) Lot # 1448 Captain Proton’s Jet Pack $ 600

Well, I have to admit I won this one. It went for $ 2,605 in week 33 of the IAW auctions. I was the under bidder then, but happy to save $ 2,000!


OK, this doesn’t mean they are BAD buys, just overpriced. But as always, I must say that I have sometimes overpaid, and that is OK if a piece is important to you!

1) Lot # 1241 Balok head puppet $ 70,000

WOW! That is a lot of money for a deteriorating piece of foam rubber. Now, this is a historcally significant piece, and I am sure whoever bought it can light his cigars with $ 100 bills, but on balance, this is a lot for a piece that needs restoration and protection, and could easily still degrade. My reccomendation? Take it to Tom Spina STAT!

2) Lot # 1409 XSL “Endgame” Tricorder. $ 10,000

OK, my bad! I was the winner here at my maximum bid! Yeah, one more increment and I was out! OUCH! The highest priced Tricorder in the auction! So why did I pay so much? Well, I own all 4 main character costumes from “Endagame”, Admiral Janeway, the Doctor, Captain Harry Kim and Miral Paris. Plus when I saw this Tric in person I was blown away! Total emotional purchase. GUILTY AS CHARGED!

3) Lot # 1486 Mark VII Tricorder $ 8,500

Well, if you waited till the last Tricorder you got screwed! Twice the price of the other similar Tricorders. Procrastination does not pay!

4) Lot # 1490 “Trials and Tribble-ations” Phaser $ 16,000

Well, $ 16,000 is a lot to pay for a DS9 Phaser, even if it is a TOS style. The thinking is this ois the closet to a screen used TOS Phaser you will ever get.

5) Lot # 1491 “Trials and Tribble-ations” Tricorder $ 25,000

YIKES! Again, the thinking is this is the closet to a screen used TOS Tricorder you will ever get. But $ 25,000?

Well, that is it for today. The review will continue Saturday!


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