Well, I have been traveling a lot the past few weeks, so I haven’t had time to really dive into the results of the Propworx Star Trek auction in detail. So I am taking some time here to give a thorough review. Note that all prices include the 20% Buyer’s Premium.

Creation Entertainment agreed to host the auction at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention and so we had a great display that thousands of Star Trek fans got to see. There was a constant stream of fans checking out the display and the showcases filled with props.

The Trials and Tribble-ations Captain’s Chair was the centerpiece of the display.
And while the chair passed at auction, it has since found a very nice home at Propworx. Adam, the owner who won it at Christie’s, didn’t want to ship it back east and he has no room with all his models! So he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The auction as a whole was pretty exciting. And we saw some fun things go down.

Jean Luc Picard (in the guise of our favorite Patrick Stewart look-alike Giles Aston!) gave the mission briefing and kicked things off. He also tried to call a few of the auction items, but it really didn’t work that well. Those Brits just speak too funny! 🙂

Bob Picardo, who had 5 lots in the auction was there to help sell his 3 Voyager items. The Voyager Captain’s chair (Lot # 203) went for $ 3,600, the Voyager Doctor’s Hero Sickbay Translight (lot # 204) went for a strong $ 2,400, but his Voyager Script set did not sell due to the high reserve ($ 10,000). Bob is a funny guy and the room was packed with almost 200 people for his auction items. You can watch this video, which is a bit shaky at times, for all the laughter!


Lot # 10 USS Enterprise E Dedication Plaque $ 5,400

Lot # 104 S.S. Xhosa Dedication Plaque $ 720

Lot # 105 USS Sao Paolo $ 2,400

Lot # 174 Original Series Enterprise Dedication Plaque $ 3,600

Lot # 202 USS Voyager Dedication Plaque $ 4,200

Lot # 209 NX-01 Enterprise Dedication Plaque $ 3,600

So these were overall pretty good prices. About right where experienced Star Trek collectors would pay. These have gone higher in the past, but not with this kind of provenance. So I think all of these were good deals. I especially like the original series plaque from the Enterprise in Trials and Tribble-ations at that price.


The large Doug Drexler collection of translites brought prices between $ 360 and $ 1,500. There were some excellent deals here and the prices were very consistent. What I like about that is we have a standard now that we can base future pricing on.

Lot # 133 USS Valiant Master Systems Display $ 1,500

A great deal as these went for over $ 3,000 through IAW a couple of years ago. They are awesome looking and with two in this lot, the per piece price of $ 750 is pretty damn good.

Lot # 134 T’Lani Bridge Hero Translites $ 720

Three translites for $ 720 is a good deal. These were very big too, so I like this lot. You got 3 oversize translites for $ 240 each. You always have to look at auction lots with multiple pieces that you can go in on with your friends and split up.

Lot # 135 Klingon Display Hero Translite $ 500
Lot # 136 Klingon Symbol Hero Translite $ 600

These were beautiful pieces and at the prices they sold at they were very good deals. Mount them in a light box and put them on your wall and they will look great behind your Klingon costume!

So overall, this was a good place for nice deals. Always look at auctions with big sections of similar items for good buys. People get what they want early and then you are bidding against less people, or the better items go high and then good deals are to be had on what is left.

OK, more tomorrow!


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