While Profiles in History has had entire catalogs devoted to Star Trek in the past, this auction, they have only one prop and one costume, but both are awesome. Note that this will be the last Profiles in History auction through eBay Live as eBay Live goes away at the end of the year.

The truly amazing Star Trek piece is the Gorn costume from TOS. Yeah, this is the one! It is in beautiful shape and just about as good a Star Trek Alien costume as you could get. (I don’t think the Mugato costume survived!). The costume comes with the tunic and the gauntlets the Gorn wore. The Gorn costume itself, complete with big head, sold previously at Profiles.

The estimate is $ 10-12,000, but this should go no less than $ 15,000. This is truly a great piece of Star Trek history.

The Picard Phaser Rifle is a nice piece with excellent provenance. It comes from John Dwyer, long time Star Trek crewman, who worked on the original series as well as many of the movies.

I inspected the rifle and it has a few small missing pieces. The sight on top is missing the rear plastic targeting piece and the side panel which exposes the interior wiring for the working lights is gone. Both pieces could easily be duplicated by Brett Jones at Federation Surplus as he has one of these rifles. The front light appeared to be missing, but it may just have been pushed in. This rifle is a hero as it has the front vacu-formed removable piece to allow access to the batteries and lighting. Reasonable at the $ 4,000-6,000 estimate.

Check out all Profiles items on eBay or on their web site.

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