“Since before your sun burned hot in space, and before your race was born, I have awaited a question.”

Well, maybe not that long, but it always sounds good saying that!

The Guardian of the Star Trek Auction, Prop and Costume Blog got this question from Jim.

“Hi Alec,

I had a question for you about a costume I just won from IAW. In last week’s auction I won the Voyager “Torres Away Mission Stunt Uniform“. The price I paid was $470.
I was just wondering if you think that was a reasonable price, or did I way overpay?
I know you don’t think highly of the stunt costumes and I’m afraid I went too high in my bidding. My thinking was that it will display well, and I can’t afford a real B’lanna Torres-worn costume. I also really liked that episode; it was the one called “Blood Fever” where Torres becomes uncontrollably horny on the planet with Paris and would have had sex with a rock at one point.
As a general rule, would you recommend staying away from the stunt costumes?

My best,



Actually, I don’t have anything against stunt costumes! In fact, I think they are highly underrated for collectors on a budget. Basically, the costume was worn by the CHARACTER it belongs to, just not the ACTOR you know. In my book, still very cool!

You in fact got a GREAT deal here. I saw that episode recently and remember this costume very well. The fact that you say you can’t afford a Roxanne worn costume makes this the perfect costume for your collection.

Look, I blow a lot of money on these auctions, because basically, I have no wife and no kids! But lots of people have more moderate budgets, and I think there are so many opportunities for great buys in these auctions. You have pointed out one of them, and that is stunt costumes.

And yes, this will look great on display, and that is always important!

So keep up the smart buying!


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