Some of you know Steve D’Errico, the Paramount security guard who has worked on both Voyager and Enterprise. I met Steve through my blog and we have become good friends. So when I was in L.A. last week, Steve offered to give me a tour of Paramount Studios! Of course I accepted, and the following photos will give you a glimpse of what it is like at Paramount.

This is the Bronson Gate, which used to be the main entrance till Paramount bought adjacent land south of this and so this is now inside the property. If you’ve seen “Sunset Blvd.” you know this landmark and the ornate, wrought iron entry gate. Built in 1926, this renowned arched gateway is located at the north end of Bronson Avenue (and is hence called “The Bronson Gate“). Ironically, Charles Bronson (whose name was originally Charles Buchinski) took his new name from this gate.

The Paramount Theater, where they hold screenings and previews.

Stage 17, where Deep Space Nine was filmed.

Stages 30 and 31, where TOS was filmed in the 60’s. Behind them, the famous Hollywood sign!

New York Street

Chicago Street

A set used to represent Starfleet headquarters in “Enterprise”.

Steve was an extra on “Enterprise”, twice filling in as a background Admiral

Steve on the bridge set of “Enterprise”

Steve and Jolene Blalock on the set

Steve and friends

Well, I hope you enjoyed this entry. I loved the tour and enjoyed seeing the Studio from the inside. Thanks to Steve for a great time!


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  1. Very nice, You are very lucky! I would love to go on a tour of Paramount! Too bad you werent able to get into the warehouses of Trek stuff (if they’re still there, with all the auctions and stuff)

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