I get emails all the time from collectors who have questions about the It’s a Wrap auctions. It is lots of fun to talk to collectors and help them out. I have also made some great friends who I talk to all the time, just from these auctions and Christie’s. Dana, Aaron, Grant, Matthew, Jason are all great people, awesome collectors and a great source of knowledge and fun.

Well, the type of cool stuff that happens is like this AM when a guy named Chris emails me asking about the Rachel Robinson outfit from the DS9 episode “The Visitor”. Now first of all, Rachel Robinson is Andrew Robinson’s (Garak) daughter. Second, “The Visitor” is one of my favorite episodes of DS9, which is my favorite Star Trek. So it was fun to chat about this piece, which I thought Chris could get for well under $ 300.

Well, I just got an email from Chris, who won the outfit at $ 131.50! Needsless to say, he was quite pleased.

So there are happy stories from the Star Trek world this week as well. Please let me know yours and it if is interesting, I will blog about it. I always need good stuff to post.


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