Well, it is hard to say for sure, but based on the feedback from bidders on the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum who didn’t bid in protest for Dom’s actions against me and the general lack of customer service, I can say that IAW lost probably $ 1,000 – 2,000 in lost higher winning bids in yesterday’s auctions.

I know that my high bid on the Weyoun that went for $ 1,179 was going to be $ 1,600. My high bid on the Zefram Cochrane Statue would have been $ 2,100 and it went for $ 1,530.

A bunch of the users on the Forum didn’t bid as well, and they have voiced that they would have bid much higher than the winning bids realized.

While I don’t see what we did as changing IAW in any way, it proves several things:

1) We are a community and we will support each other

2) Sitting out a week isn’t very hard. We don’t NEED any of this.

3) Piss us off (by bad service or otherwise) and it will cost you $.

So Dom, who put the MACO rifle up on eBay just to spite me, cost himself any additional revenue he is going to get from a bidder on eBay for the MACO rifle by losing that money yesterday.

There is no doubt that the last month have seen a HUGE increase in dissatisfied buyers. Most (including myself) now won’t bid unless it is REALLY important to us.

Frankly, I don’t expect anything to change.


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