I noted on eBay yesterday that people were selling the Christie’s Star Trek auction catalog for $ 200 a piece. What a rip off! Christie’s still has a bunch and they are selling them for $ 60 for the set of two (plus $ 8 shipping). If you haven’t gotten your yet, do so! Simply call 1-212-636-2000. It is well worth the investment as it is a valuable resource. It is two volumes and covers the 1000 lots sold with photos for each lot! This is a must have.


2 Replies to “Christie’s Auction Catalog still available”

  1. Thanks for this tip Alec! I have been looking on eBay expecting to get get the full set at a reasonable price…now I know where to go!

  2. My pleasure. I ordered 3 sets yesterday. I need a clean one for my coillection, and then I ordered some extras for friends. Truly a great deal so I am glad you are getting in on them!


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