Anthony Sforza is a huge Star Trek collector from Long Island. Because of his great collection, I asked him to take part an interview. Check out his collection in the photos below!

“In the first photo of me in the Captain’s chair you see a refit Enterprise and Reliant that are 1/260 scale replicas. They were bought as kits. I then found a company that does custom builds and they were painted, lit and have custom interiors. There are shuttles and people in the bays and lounges. They also did the large scale Enterprise E for me.”

“The ship to my right looking at the pic is the Praylor and Kravik ship from a Voyager. This ship and the above Kazon Torpedo and Klingon cargo ship all came from the Christies auction.”

“I bought the jacket the year that they opened the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. At conventions most people have head shots signed. I was never into this, so I looked for something different to do and the jacket was perfect. So for the last 10 plus years I have taken it to as many shows as I can. It has now taken on a life of its own. People at the shows will ask to take pics of it or we get to have long talks about where its been etc. The best part is now when I put it down in front of an actor who usually is sighning at warp speed they tend to stop and look then ask me questions . On the jacket is every primary character from all 5 series except for D Kelly. I have Ricardo Montalban and Joan Collins. I have a book with all the names that we keep.”

“All the props on the wall are replicas I have collected for 12 years I get them at shows or online I like replicas because usually they are cheaper to buy and more real looking then screen used plus until recently screen used was super hard to come by.”

“All the props in the cases were from the Star Trek Experience. The Rules of Acquisition I had signed by Armin, Max and Jeff. The Horgon, TOS rifle, The Stone of Gault, The TOS PADD, Klingon Rifle, laser drill, mining mask, medical case and Eminar Phaser are all from the Experience.”

1. How did you become a Star Trek fan?

I was born in 1966 and when the Original series went into syndication I was hooked immediately.

2. What was the first Star Trek prop you got and when was that? (also, was it real or a replica?)

The first prop I ever got was an Original series Phaser and Communicator. It was a very high quality replica and was purchase around 1989.

3. Did you buy anything from the Christie’s auction? Did you go to the auction of bid online?

Yes I was at the Christies Auction and was able to purchase three screen used filming miniatures. The Kazon Torpedo,the Praylor/Kravic Space Station from Voyager, and the Klingon Transport from Deep Space Nine.

4. What have you gotten from the It’s a Wrap auctions on eBay?

I have purchased one Jem Hadar costume, one Ferengi costume and one Engineering Console from Enterprise.

5. What else do you have in your collection?

I have several studio scale filming miniatures, art work, a lot of prop replicas, and tons of autographed memorabilia, and a replica Captains Chair.

6. Do you collect replica props at all?

Well, look at the photos! The entire wall of weapons are replicas!

7. Who is your favorite character and why?

Sisko. I thought he made an excellent Captain and he is an excellent actor.

8. Which is your favorite Star Trek show?

Deep Space Nine

9. What is your Holy Grail item?

Voyager or Deep Space Nine Space Station filming models.

10. What is your favorite Star Trek memory?

Being able to go to the set of Enterprise and tour the entire ship and make up department, and watch four hours of filming.

If you have a great collection, please let me know, as I am always looking for great collections and collectors!


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