I finally got to display my Sisko and Kirk costumes that I won at the Christie’s auction. I bought half-forms and stands just like Christie’s had. They look great. Here are the uniforms as they are displayed in my living room.

Now here are what the displays look like:

It is two pieces and costs $ 15.95 for the form and $ 29.95 for the stand. Well worth it. Find them here:


Here is how my living room looks now!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Nice work, Alec. Did you ever consider putting the costumes in a case? I guess you don’t have any pets or young kids. What item is in the display case on the mantelpiece?

  2. your display of your costumes is great ,your blog is great i to am a collector of Star Trek,iwas at the christies auction as well and that was alot of fun.Iwas able to come away with 3 filming minatures and now with the its awrap auction i bought the Jem Hadar costume .This has been a great year for star trek collecting,keep up the bloging thanks Anthony.

  3. Anthony:

    Thanks for the comments. I was at Christie’s as well and it was a great time and an experience we will never forget. Congrats on the Jem H’adar costume! A good catch indeed. The weapon to match went two weeks ago and went very high I thought. What 3 filming miniatures did you get?


  4. Apollo 13:

    No, a display case would be too big and not the way i want the costumes displayed. No kids and no dog!

    The display case on the shelf is the Master Replicas Klingon Disruptor. if you don’t have one you should! They are amazing. I have the Communicator, Phaser, Tricorder and Disruptor all on the mantle, along with my new Phaser Rifle, which was screen-used in ST:Insurrection. Will be adding a photo of everything on display later today. Then I just got the Andorian Phaser Rifle off eBay. Will post photos soon.



  5. Alec:

    It was great meeting you at the Christie’s sale in New York. It was an amazing event, and the best part was getting to talk with so many dedicated Trek fans.

    Cool page! Looks like you got some fun stuff. Denise and I are happy that these treasures are now in the hands of fans like yourself, people who will care for them properly and cherish them as important artifacts of popular culture.


  6. Hi Alecf i got the kazon torpedo the Praylor ship and a klingon transport.I alsosaw the wepon for the Jem H’adar and to me that was to much money for the wepon.I have put the costume on a maniquin and i had a full sized Jem H’adar head so i am fitting it to the body so i will have a compleet soldier.

  7. Alec,
    Great displays, thanks for the lead on them. I can not wait til you get the rest up. I am ordering mine tomorrow for the Riker,Trip,Tash Yar and Dax. I will send pics when they arrive.

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