IAW received two more negatives today, bringing their total to 10 in the last 30 days. Not good news for IAW, who has been frantically trying to get buyers to withdraw negative feedback.

On the other hand, in the last few days IAW has resolved several outstanding issues with buyers who have had significant problems getting ANY response previously. Most of these resolutions have only happened after credit card charge backs have been filed. Two well known buyers filed PayPal disputes, but IAW simply claimed the items had been sent and gave PayPal some tracking # for another package they had sent the buyer and PayPal would deny the claim. One of those buyers finally got his money back today.

Does this mean IAW is taking time to resolve all outstanding issues? Maybe Tiara is in fact cracking the whip and insisting that problems be solved for a change. The whole negative feedback retraction requests situation makes it clear that all the negative feedback has caused problems for IAW.

Another seller got an email stating that they were “still under major organization changes”. What does this mean? It could quite simply mean that they are still in the middle of their move. I do know that with the move some employees were leaving. Let’s hope that these changes lead to a change in the way IAW does business. We all love this stuff, and there are some great people at IAW. Dom just has to start buckling down and answering emails, returning calls and resolving issues BEFORE they become a problem.


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