Well, two bidders who are members of the Star Trek Prop Forum have said they today received emails from IAW asking them to rescind negative feedback! This is a HUGE development. It appears that maybe they are having issues with eBay, and maybe eBay is even suspending their selling privileges because of the excessive negative feedback of the past month. We are still trying to confirm that, but it seems likely since there are no auctions this week.

What is REALLY ironic is that they are asking for MUTUAL feedback retraction, when they almost never leave feedback for anyone! So basically they are asking you to do something for nothing, and they never even address the reason you had to leave the negative feedback in the first place!

I would urge you not bend to IAW and leave the negative feedback IAW so rightly deserves for the crappy way they treat everyone who has an issue. I count myself in that group and will not be retracting either of the two negative feedbacks that I have left (they haven’t asked yet). They deserve them and more. 4 months to get an issue resolved, going back on their word on a deal, selling an item on eBay that they agreed to sell to me, agreeing to let me mediate an issue of another user and then refusing to offer the refund another seller rightly deserved. This is not how you run a business.

Just look at the outstanding issues thread on the Forum to see the issues that IAW still has to deal with.

We will be watching this issue closely, so watch for regular updates.


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