Well, I just heard from Holly that Dom is claiming he never promised me the MACO Rifle, despite the fact that I have a witness who heard him, and despite the fact that Dom recently told one collector flat out he put the rifle up the screw me. Oh, and I guess it is just coincidence that Dom put it up the day after he got an email from me about it.

There isn’t a person outside of IAW who has done more to help their sales than I have. My blog alone has meant dozens, if not hundreds of people found out about the Star trek auctions who never would have known about them That means tens of thousands in extra sales for them. AND THIS IS MY THANKS?

eBay buyer Maharanidiva, who has purchsed $ 141,746 worth of props & costumes from IAW found the IAW auctions through my blog. She never would have known about them otherwise.

And because I post a blog post calling their crappy customer service to task (a post just about everyone agrees is the most even handed article I could have written), Dom does this to spite me.

His word obviously means nothing. I have emailed Tiara, but I am sure she will back Dom. I am afraid Tiara won’t take care of her # 4 customer who has spent over $ 100,000 with them as well as the hundreds of thousands of $ in sales I brought their way. Everyone has been right. They don’t care.

So now the war starts. Now they get treated like every other crappy eBay seller.


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