Week 10 Preview

Week 10 of the It’s a Wrap auctions on eBay is a major Star Trek: The Motion Picture week, and features a good number of hero items from that movie. A Spock, Chekov, Sulu and a Decker are all here. And best of all is the fantastic Spock Space Suit from that movie. It looks great, but sadly does not have the boots. This item is a gem and someone will have a great piece of movie history in their home. This will certainly set a record for these auctions. I find it hard to believe it will go less than $8,000 and could easily hit $10,000

The first “Monster Maroon” Star Fleet Officer’s jacket to be auctioned complete is up this week and it is Jeanette Goldstein’s jacket from Star Trek: Generations. While you may know her best as “Vasquez” from “Aliens”, Jeanette played the science officer of the Enterprise “B”. These jackets are the Holy Grail of many Star Trek collector and rarely come up for auction. They are truly beautiful in person as they are made of a heavy weight wool gabardine that displays beautifully. This item will certainly be a huge seller, and I think will go over $4,000 easy.

The Starfleet Security Armor is a unique and truly fantastic costume. We saw this item in The Motion Picture and this costume has the helmet as well.

Sulu’s Class “C” costume from The Motion Picture is kind of unique and rather interesting. It is unlike any other costume we saw in that movie and has a cool Starfleet badge as a clasp.

I think there could be some good bargains on the Starfleet female Class A uniform, from ST: The Motion Picture, which I think is quite nice, as well as the Starbase Personnel Uniform Jumpsuit which is a darker color than any jumpsuit you usually see. I like these costumes, and having the Kirk Jumpsuit like these, I can tell you they display great.

On the prop front, I like the 24th Century Hand Lamp, which was featured in DS9/Voyager. Quite a nice prop and rather inexpensive right now. Should go well under $ 1,000. but don’t bid too high as I bet there are plenty of these!

The “Azan – collective Borg Costume” is quite nice and seems to display really well. For a Borg fan a great piece I think as it was for the children that Voyager rescued from the Borg Collective and who became part of their crew. You will need a mannequin to display this well, but I think it looks great.

This is a good week for bargains I think. Pay attention to the items currently under $200. You can find some quality items, but don’t over pay. As always, be patient as there is a ton of stuff in those warehouses!

Good hunting!


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