Week 10

A new record for an item on the It’s a Wrap auctions was set when the Spock Space Suit from Star Trek: TMP sold for $ 10,100.03. This is almost $ 4,000 more than the Captain Kirk Commando uniform from Star Trek V that sold for $ 6,253 two weeks ago. The down side was if you read the description carefully, there was a hole cut in the helmet. This also may have been re-used by Paul Winfield in Star Trek II. Of course that one had a handle in the front, and this one does not. Also, I really hate that it has no boots. I would get some repros for sure.

This week’s total was $67,605.53 up from the dismal previous week total of $ 45,155.99. I am sure It’s a Wrap was hoping for some mention in the Star Trek special, but unfortunately (or fortunately for us bidders) it didn’t get mentioned. If it had gotten mentioned, it would have meant a big influx of bidders and higher prices. 17 items sold for over $ 1,000, but 64 items went for under $ 500. That is a big disparity and reflects an overall poor product mix. Last week was a poor week as well, and next week the auctions look down right awful.

I think the absolute worse buy I have seen so far was the Warp Plasma Regulator for $ 3,050. This means TWO people thought this was worth over $ 3,000! Give me a break! It is a hunk of metal and not even a significant prop. The winner was a relative newbie to these auctions too.

The female Off Duty Tunic and Pants was also a surprise at $ 3,000. It is similar to the Lt. Ilia costume in Star Trek:TMP and may have been made for Star Trek: Phase Two. However, it has no rank insignia or Starfleet badge. I think it is way over priced at this level.

The Chekov Uniform Jumpsuit went for $2,700. It is a nice piece but it seems it may not have gotten on screen. If anyone can find a screen cap, let me know. None the less, a nice piece. I really think the better ST:TMP costumes are WAY underrated.

The Star Trek: TMP Security Armor was a great piece at a good price. It will be interesting to see if another pops up. The Sulu Class C uniform from ST:TMP went for $2,551 which was considerably more than the $ 1,600 it went for at Christie’s. In addition, the Christie’s version had the built in boots, which this version did not.

So here are some awards for the week:

Best Item of the Week: Spock Space Suit – yeah it cost $ 10,000, but kind of iconic.

Best Buy of the week: The Star Trek:TMP Security Uniform at $1,533 is a great deal.

Worst Buy of the week: Warp Engine Plasma Regulator at $3,050 for a simple prop is INSANE.

Sleeper of the Week: 24th Century Style hand Lamp at $ 860. A beautiful prop at a reasonable price.

And here are some prices realized:


Spock Space Suit $10,100

Warp Plasma Regulator $3,050

Star Trek I Female Off Duty Tunic and Pants $3,000

Star Trek VIII Enterprise B Science Uniform $2,950

Star Trek I Chekov Uniform Jumpsuit $2,700

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

3 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 10 Results”

  1. Another excellent round-up, Alec, and a good selection to highlight in that off-duty female uniform. One of the fun things about these auctions for me is seeing what stuff from Star Trek – The Motion Picture crawls out of the woodwork previously unseen, like the Chekov jumpsuit you mentioned and the Willard Decker class-B shirt, neither of which made it onscreen. I guess that explains where a little more of that $45 million budget went.

  2. I’m thinking that the winners did not really read the descriptions closely. The text for the TMP off-duty costume nearly makes it seem that it was worn by Ilia, “A costume like this was worn by….” And the word “style” in a description means it is not an original of what the rest of the text describes, so the “ORIGINAL SERIES STYLE WARP PLASMA REGULATOR” wasn’t actually used in TOS.

    -Apollo 13

  3. You have to watch the wording carefully, lots of clothing is not marked “worn by” and usually says “made for”. I’ve never been clear whether that means it never left the closet or the status is just unknown. Frankly I almost didn’t notice this subtlety at the Christie’s auction. To my knowledge this has never been clearly explained.

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