Week 11

The poor selection of this week’s eBay auctions from It’s a Wrap that I discussed in my Week 11 Preview resulted in a record low total sales number of $ 35,717.70 While the lack of reserves meant that every item sold, there were only 5 items that sold for more than $ 1,000.

The Vulcan Musician’s costume was the highest selling item this week as many of us predicted. The Klingon costume from Star Trek: Enterprise was a good buy at $1,125. Although not as Iconic as a TNG uniform, it was a nice piece.

The Admiral Jameson top went over $ 1,000, which was higher than when it failed to hit reserve a few weeks ago at $715 A shame it didn’t have the pants, a sit would be a great piece then, but still nice.

I really like the Starfleet Jumpsuit from The Motion Picture at $ 967. I happen to love these costumes, though I think few people liked them at the time. I own Kirk’s Jumpsuit and Decker’s jumpsuit (thanks Andy!), and they display really well.

On the Prop front, I almost went after the Orion PADD as it was a real beauty. Reasonably priced at $1,125, I think the buyer got a good deal on this beauty. The Son’a PADD at $521 was a good deal as well. These pieces came into their own in TNG and are all over the place in the TNG era series. Between TNG, DS9 and Voyager, there are a bunch of these that will be propping up over the next few months.

The half a missile was pretty cool as well. Mounted on a wall, these props look great.

There were over 60 items under $300 in this week’s auction and so a lot of people got cool items at a good price. I really love the fact that so many collectors can get items that were used in the series. Prop collecting has been a very small hobby and the collectors very private. Before these auctions, you had to bid in a Profiles in History auction in order to get a Star Trek prop, and even then, the pieces were very expensive. Now people are able to get props at an inexpensive price. And even though they may not be a hero phaser, they are important pieces to the collectors who buy them.

So here are some awards for the week: I am changing the awards to split “Best Item” into Best Costume and Best Prop.

Best Costume of the Week: The Vulcan Musician costume. Nice piece, and the best on a bad week.

Best Prop of the Week: The Orion PADD. Really a beautiful prop.

Best Buy of the week: The Star Trek:TMP Jumpsuit at $967 is a great deal for a classic costume.

Worst Buy of the week: Since there were so few items that sold high, there were really no bad deals.

Sleeper of the Week: Ferengi Bloodlines Costume. A Ferengi costume under $ 800!

And here are some prices realized:


Vulcan Musician Costume with headband $1,925

Enterprise Half a Missile $1,585

Star Trek Enterprise Klingon Costume $1,175

Star Trek Enterprise Orion PADD $1,125

Star Trek: TNG Admiral Jameson Jacket $1,025

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

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