Week 12 Preview

Well, this week is a step up from last week and there are some nice items this week. A lot of Voyager items with some Enterprise items mixed in. The first rank pins too were listed this week, these being the Maquis rank pins from Voyager.

I think one of the things that was most interesting this past week, is we have seen an influx of new bidders, which is probably going to keep some prices up for a while.

This week’s Reman costume is already at $ 1,850. A great piece, I have wanted one myself, but have been patient as I think there are a bunch of these in the warehouse. These costumes were also turned into the Xindi costumes on Star Trek:Enterprise with the removal of the shoulder piece and the addition of the gold wire shoulder pieces. This one is nice in that it includes two latex head pieces that were used. This will undoubtedly be the highest selling item this week, and well worth it. The last one went for $ 1,930 without the latex headpiece. I think this one might go for $ 2,500-2,600.

The Voyager Torres Starfleet Uniform is interesting in that, as indicated in the description, it is the rarer two piece version rather than a jumpsuit. It also has the Maquis rank insignia pin. However, the piece is distressed and sadly, the auction description offers no photos or details of the distress.

One of the problems I have had with the It’s a Wrap auctions, is the lack of detailed descriptions when needed. Now I know the guys in the warehouse work their tails off, but a sensitivity to the needs of the collector would help them serve their customers, minimize the number of questions they get, and get them higher prices for their items.

The Harry Kim uniform is nice and complete, sans the communicator badge. It is currently at $ 820 and will probably go around $ 1,500. Remember, the Voyager character costumes have gone for around $ 1,300 each so far.

The Enterprise Uniform is a background one and should go for $ 800-900 judging by what has happened in the past. It is a nice costume with undershirt. Where are the bargains in the costume selection?

The Voyager Vorik costume is a nice piece and I like this as a great potential bargain. Vorik was a semi-regular character and had a prominent role in an episode or two. I think this goes at a reasonable price and think it is a good potential deal.

The Neelix is a nice costume and only at $ 270 right now! I think this easily goes under $ 1,000 and it is a major character. Same goes for the Kes costume.

The Ferengi costume is at $ 128!!! It is a background character and should go cheap. I think this will be a great deal and probably the sleeper of the week. If you like the Ferengi, and want a cheap costume, this could be it.

As far as props go:

The Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly is a nice piece and will be the top prop this week. It lights up and is quite nice. The Thoracic Hypospray kit is also a nice piece. Both these items will go over $ 1,000 easily.

The Star Trek Phaser Rifle is a nice example of the Type III Phaser Rifle. It is a stunt version and in rubber, which, as you know if you have been reading my blog, is not my favorite material. They crack over time and wind up looking pretty poor. But this one is certainly a nice one and has some great detailing. It is already at $ 565 and will go over $ 1,000 easy.

Speaking of rubber, stay away from, the Next Generation Type II Phaser unless you get it cheap. It is rubber, and latex, two materials that do not age well. it is also molded as one piece, so you can’t take it out.

Finally, there are four Voyager Maquis provisional rank pins. Two Lts., and ensign and a crewman. Now what is interesting is that IAW tells you they have a bunch of these! So don’t bid these up too high! Just be patient f you need one for a costume.

Check back tomorrow as I have some information on some non-IAW Star Trek items on IAW.

And as always….good hunting!


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