Week 12

While Week 12 was not spectacular, it had some interesting costumes, and a few nice props. It had a lot of inexpensive costumes and there were some real bargains in the $ 500-$800 range.

There were a lot of Voyager items this week. The first rank pins, these being the Marquis, sold very well. And again, we are seeing new bidders driving up prices.

The Voyager B’Elanna Torres Starfleet Uniform was a rare two piece Voyager uniform and a few collectors I know were interested in it for that reason. It also had a Maquis rank pin which was rare as most of you know, as few of these costumes have rank pins. The costume, even though distressed, went for $ 2,300. A healthy price for a Voyager character costume.

The Reman Warrior costume went for $ 2,125. It is a nice costume that included two latex head pieces that were used in the film. The last one went for $ 1,930 without the latex headpiece. So this was in the ballpark. Still one of my favorite costumes.

The Harry Kim costume went for $ 1,525, which is a bit more than the Voyager costumes went for when the last hero costumes were on. at that time they were going for about $ 1,300 each. So this costume was pretty close.

The Enterprise uniform jumpsuit went for $ 1,580.55 which was 50% higher than similar jumpsuits sold for in the past. The winner was a new bidder and probably hasn’t seen where costumes have been going for previously. I think he paid way high for this, but new bidders haven’t learned the hard lessons some of us have about patience and the depth of supply there is.

The Neelix costume went for $ 869 and the Kes for $ 565. Those are great prices on costumes of main Voyager characters.

The Ferengi costume went for only $ 555 also, and these prices should tell you where to bargain shop as we move forward. There are a lot of great costumes well under $ 1,000, so any collector or Star Trek fan can get one.

On the prop front:

The Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly was the high prop item this week and was well worth the $ 1,825 it went for. It really was a beautiful piece, and considering where other props have gone for lately, I think the buyer did well.

The Thoracic Hypospray kit went for $ 1,555,55. A simple, but interesting prop, it had a retractable needle, which will make for some fun when guests arrive! It came with a nice case as well and was reasonably priced compared to similar props.

The Phaser Rifle went for $ 1,601.99 which is reasonable for a rubber stunt version. It was a nice piece and will look good on display. Always be aware though that rubber items will decay somewhat over time.

The four Maquis provisional rank pins went for The crewman version went for $ 213.50, the ensign version went for $ 217.50 and the two Lt. versions went for $ 210 and $ 255. Now, considering that It’s a Wrap even said in the listing that they have a bunch of these, I think they went a bit high. I could easily see these in the $ 100-125 range. I guess if you have a Voyager costume that needs one, you need to try and be patient!

So here are some awards for the week:

Best Costume of the Week: The Reman Warrior costume. Great costume with nice extras.

Best Prop of the Week: Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly. A beautiful piece.

Best Buy of the week: “The Wounded” Cardassian costume. One of the first Cardassian costumes before the familiar gray ones at only $ 456! Great deal!

Worst Buy of the week: At $ 1,580.55 the Enterprise Uniform jumpsuit is 50% higher than it should be.

Sleeper of the Week: Darmok – El Adrel IV Creature. This latex monster head from a classic episode went for a paltry $ 178! Great deal on a memorable piece.

And here are some prices realized:


Voyager Torres Starfleet Uniform $ 2,300

Reman Warrior Costume $ 2,125

Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly $ 1,825

First Contact Phaser Rifle $ 1,602

Thoraic Hypospray $1,555

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

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