Week 15

I mentioned that it was a particularly strong week, and outside of two strong costumes, that observation was pretty much right on. The total for the week was only $ 52,898, which is weak compared to most weeks which are in the high $ 60,000 to low $ 70,000 range. Props especially didn’t do well due to the poor selection, but there were some great bargain s on costumes in the $ 1,000 range.

The Neelix Klingon costume was the top item and sold for $4,127.25. Is the fact that it was used by Neelix in an episode reason for it to go for almost twice what the previous high for a Klingon uniform did? I guess so, but this is certainly way overpriced considering what the previous ones have sold for. The last two Klingon Warrior costumes have sold for $2,850 and $2,225. Before that the were selling about $1,850 or so. The previous high also had boots, which this one did not.

The James Doohan “Class B” shirt mystery may have been solved by the person who posted a comment on my last blog entry. I am going to repost that comment for all to see here:

“I’ll offer another theory – if you look on page 104 of Grace Lee Whitney’s biography “The Longest Trek”, you will see a picture of one of James Doohan’s sons wearing a shirt that looks exactly like the one being auctioned in a candid photo taken during the Rec Deck scene from STTMP. Doohan and Whitney are posed with their respective sons, all three of whom are extras in uniform in that scene.”

The poster didn’t leave their name, but this is some AWESOME detective work, and solves an important question about this costume. it also shows that the costume went WAY high for what it is.

The Star Trek:Generations Crusher stunt costume went for $1,825 which was probably about right considering it is a stunt costume. It is a beautiful costume none the less and will look great in someone’s display. Too bad there was no hat with it.

The Dr. Zimmerman costume from Voyager went way below my expectations at only $ 1,075. This is an important costume in that it is the one worn by Dr. Zimmerman of Starfleet Medical, on who the Doctor’s holo-matrix was based. I think the winner got a smoking deal here!

Another steal was the Jem’Hadar costume that went for only $ 1,146.51. This costume had boots as well and I almost bid on this myself. These are the type of great deals I think are there to be found every week.

Another great deal was The Terran Empire MACO Uniform which sold for a paltry $ 885! This was VERY cheap for a great uniform that will look awesome on display.

The Starfleet Cadet Future Uniform was in line with previous auctions at $ 590 and I think people should look at these. They show very little wear as they were only used in one episode and they look great AND come with a Comm badge! $ 590 is a steal.

The Blue TNG Scant went for a strong $ 1,130.89. These are probably pretty rare, so that price doesn’t surprise me.

I said in my preview that I thought the Feature Film Vulcan Robes and Hat were being overlooked, and I was right as they sold for only $ 865.

The Dixon Hill hat and shoes sold for only $ 620. I am not sure what you do with the shoes, but the hat alone was worth that price.

As far as props go:

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle (also used by the Romulans) was the top prop at $1,650. I actually bid on this, but felt, though it is a beautiful piece and would go great with the Romulan pistol I just won, was a b it more than I wanted to spend.

The Starfleet PADD went for $1,534 and was well worth it. It has a great graphic and was rather large. It also works, which is an important consideration for these. Working PADDs are rarer and well worth it.

The 24th Century Computer went for $1,454. i think that was a good price and as I have said before, there are a lot of great props that sell around $ 1,500. Any one of them will make an awesome centerpiece for a collection.

The Electronic Starfleet PADD went for $966 but was a bit beat up. I really didn’t like this piece because of its condition, but reasonable since it lit up.

The Star Trek: First Contact Type III rifle went for $916.99. It was foam, so it was a reasonable price.

The Enterprise Starfleet Energy Carbine was a rubber version, and for some bizarre reason had a reserve. It failed to hit that reserve at $ 609. IAW had stopped with reserves, so I am not sure why an average prop like this had a reserve.

As predicted, the The Klingon PADD went reasonably at $815.99. I think that was probably one of the deals of the week. When you can get a great prop under $ 1,000, you have done well. It doesn’t light up, but most alien PADDs didn’t.

So here are some awards for the week:

Best Costume of the Week: Tough one as I don’t think there were any standout costumes. The Neelix Klingon is just like any other Klingon costume, the James Doohan wasn’t used in the flim (at least not by Scotty) and the Naval uniform was a stunt version. SO I am giving my costume of the week to the Dr. Zimmerman costume. Pretty cool and this went cheap!

Best Prop of the Week: The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle The detailing on these is very nice and this is a clean resin copy.

Best Buy of the week: The Starfleet Cadet Future Uniform at $ 590 is just too good a deal to not win this award this week.

Worst Buy of the week: The James Doohan “Class B” shirt for $3,450 is a really bad buy as the costume was never used onscreen by Doohan.

Sleeper of the Week:
The Jem’Hadar costume at only $ 1,146.51 was pretty hard to beat. Complete with boots and cool detailing, this costume was a great deal.

And here are some prices realized:


Voyager Neelix Klingon Costume costume $ 4,217.25

ST:TMP James Doohan Shirt $ 3,450

Dr. Crusher Stunt Naval Uniform $ 1,825

Ferengi Disruptor Rifle $ 1,650

24th Century Electronic PADD $ 1,534

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

3 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 15 Results”

  1. The SF energy carbine from Enterprise did not sell because it didn’t reach its reserve as I said in my earlier comment. That was the only lot that didn’t hit reserve this past week, and it was put back in this week’s set of items.

  2. The crusher “naval” costume is easily worth that or more through a bespoke tailor shop. It’s amazing to see these costumes go for so much considering they are pretty cheaply made for TV budget, and they wear out quickly which is why so many are made. If they were tailor made anyplace else to exacting higher standards, they would easily be worth the $2-10,000 bids. Just look at Savile Row tailor prices or Italian suits. But then, these scifi costumes have their own unique value associated with the actor/genre that probably can’t be quantified by price.

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