Week 16 Preview

There is a good selection of hero items this week, as well as three great alien costumes. The prop selection is weak, but there are a few good items.

The First Contact Borg costume is a real beauty. The detailing is amazing and am sure this will look amazing on display. At Christie’s, one like this went for $ 3,840 (before buyer’s premium) and the the last one went for $ 1,625 from It’s a Wrap. The only thing to remember is that these are made from cast latex, and so they will deteriorate if not well preserved. If you win this, let me know and I will introduce you to an amazing artist who specializes in creating and preserving these items.

There are both a Dr. Bashir black and gray uniform and a Chief O’Brien black and gray uniform. The last Bashir like this went for $ 1,843 and the O’Brien that was sold that was identical to this one went for $ 2,050. The O’Brien is interesting in that it has a sewn in rank insignia for a Chief Petty Officer as opposed to an officer who has metal pips. These are beautiful uniforms and display great. I think both will go over $ 2,000 as new bidders have been bidding up hero costumes recently.

The Garak costume is already at $ 1,225. Now the last Garak went for an amazing $ 3,250, which is quite high. The winner had emailed me and told me it was the last costume he needed to complete his collection, and he knew he bid high on it. That costume was from the best Garak episode “In the Pale Moonlight” when Garak gives his ending monologue to Sisko after getting hit across the room. There are plenty of Garak costumes out there as none were sold at Christie’s and, like Quark, we saw Garak in a ton of different costumes.

The Cardassian Soldier Costume is a beauty. These generally go in the $ 1,500-1,800 range, and this one could easily top $ 2,000 as it looks in great shape and has boots.

The Hirogen Hunter costume is cheap right now at $ 500, but should go around $ 1,200-1,500. This one has boots and looks great. See my comments above regarding latex costumes though.

There are a number of distressed uniforms from DS9 and Voyager main characters. These should go at very reasonable prices, so keep an eye on them if you are on a budget. There is a Kira, a Chakotay, a B’Lanna Torres and a Paris. The Harry Kim Racing Jumpsuit is beautiful, buts hows signs of mold, so be careful there.

Other costumes of note are the Kai Winn costume, which is quite striking, The Mila costume from The Dogs of War, is intriguing for you DS9 and Garak fans and there is a fine Neelix costume as well. There is also a great Kess costume from her last appearance on Voyager.

As far as props go:

The Romulan Senate stools and chair are nice and have been on before. Two stools went for $ 1,125 in February and $ 699 two weeks ago. No reason to pay high for these as there are a ton fo them! The Romulan Senate was a big place!

The Kira Sniper Rifle is nice and different from other Bajoran weapons. This is the best weapon in the auction this week, and should go around $ 1,000 -1,200.

The Starfleet Energy Carbine failed to hit reserve at $ 609 last week and so is up again. No clue why IAW is still using reserves on average items.

There is a DS9 PADD which lights up which should go in the $1,000-$ 1,500 range. These keep showing up and the price will be dropping on these after a while I think.

The Voyager Pattern Enhancers are pretty nifty. There are three of them, which would look cool set up around your TV room!

There are also two pennants from the DS9 baseball episode “Take me out to the holosuite”. be careful here as there are a LOT of these and this is the perfect example of why you should be patient. I would love to have a set, but I am not going to pay $ 300 for a pennant!

Finally, there is a latex “Grand Nagus” head appliance. This is very cool, but you can see the problem with latex as this is already starting to deteriorate. If you didn’t win the Grand Nagus costume that was on a few weeks ago, don’t bother!

Thanks for all the emails and compliments I have been getting. Feel free to post them on here as well.

Good hunting!


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