Week 16

This was a funny week in that there were some surprises in prices that were higher than they should be and some that were way less than you would think they should be.

The Garak costume was the top item and sold for $4,250. What is it with Garak? His last costume went for an astounding $ 3,250 which we all thought was crazy at the time. This one went for $ 1,000 more than that! Now, many of you know I have been after a Garak costume and so I actually was the under bidder on this one as it was from my favorite Garak scene. I came to grips with the fact that I might have to pay what the last one went for, but when I got outbid on this I was SHOCKED. I really wanted this one, and so I am bummed, but heck, I got my Kirk costume for less! This was an insane price to pay for this costume. (yeah I would have been calling myself out if I had won this at a price near where it finished!).

The Chief O’Brien Uniform went at a healthy $ 2,493, which was $ 443 more than the last O’Brien that was identical to this. Itr was a nice costume and I think the gold operations color always makes these costumes look great.

The Borg costume at $ 2,279 was reasonably priced and a really nice example. These will look awesome on display. Just keep that latex out of the sunlight!

The TNG two piece Operations Uniform was way high for a background player costume. There seems to be a high demand for these and they have been going high, but I don’t see these holding that value.

The Cardassian Solider Costume at $ 2,158 was pretty reasonable and won by the same guy who won the Garak. It was a beautiful example of what is a great costume (I was underbidder on this too!….not a good week for Alec).

The Ensign Nog costume was another I lost out on, but I didn’t bid higher because I know there are more of these, and I wasn’t happy with the neck on the under shirt here. I already have the cadet Nog and simply didn’t want to overpay. These are kind of cool, because they are really the size of a tall child. I have my Nog next to the Sisko and it is quite a display (photos to follow).

The Hierarchy alien costume was a bit of an enigma. I just saw this Voyager episode, and it is quite funny, but I think that was a strong price for an alien costume. It did have a gun prop and so that certainly contributed to the price.

The Rom costume went for a healthy $ 1,025 which I thought was high for a Rom, but he was a strong second tier character and so the price is not unjustified.

Similarly, the Kai Winn costume was really nice and went for a respectable $ 860. I know this will make an awesome display as the fabric and color really pop.

I have to say that the DS9 Starfleet Uniform at $ 675 was a steal. When you can get an original Star Trek uniform for a price like this, you really made out!

Similarly, I like the Starfleet Academy Cadet Costume at $ 661.51. These are just very reasonable prices for very nice costumes.

The Neelix at $ 600 was an absolute steal! Neelix costumes just don’t bring very strong prices.

As far as props go:

The DS9 PADD went for $ 1,287.85 and was the top prop this past week. It is a working model and lights up. I think this was a fair price for this piece as PADDs are going in the $ 1,000-1,500 price range.

The Kira Sniper Weapon was pretty sharp and went for a reasonable $ 1,225. Supposedly one of a kind, we saw Kira use this in the episode “Shakaar”. It’s a little beat up but pretty cool.

The Transport Pattern Enhancers were a good deal as the winner got 3 for $ 1,204. There are some nicer ones out there, but you can’t beat this price.

I think the Grand Nagus head appliance was WAY overpriced. It is latex, and already shows signs of deterioration. This is basically a used piece of make up. So I think the buyer paid too much, but if di9splayed right, will look good with a Nagus costume. Better get it treated though so it lasts.

The Krenim PADD at $ 811 was also a nice piece. This was one of the best Voyager episodes and this PADD shows the time line as the Krenim saw it. I didn’t find this a visually striking prop, but I did think it relevant and so I think the buyer got a good deal.

My good friend Jason snagged the Enterprise Energy Carbine at a very reasonable $ 636.

So here are some awards for the week:

Best Costume of the Week: OK, I am very biased I will admit, but the Garak costume was a beautiful piece and was the basis for the 9″ action figure. I think the costume is beautiful and in my favorite Garak scene in DS9. But as you will see below, it was a ridiculous price.

Best Prop of the Week: Not spectacular, but the pattern enhancers at $ 1,204 were a great deal and the best of the lot in a weak selection of props.

Best Buy of the week: Hirogen Hunter at $ 840 was a great deal. This costume looks great in very photo I have seen, and this one has boots.

Worst Buy of the week: The Garak costume at $ 4,250. Yeah it was the best costume, but $ 4,250???? That is INSANE.

Sleeper of the Week:
The Niners pennant went for only $ 315 because most of us didn’t read the fine print and thought this was your typical felt pennant. It was in fact the big one that was on the Dugout! We need to be very careful about reading descriptions!

And here are some prices realized:


DS9 Garak Costume $ 4,250

DS9 Chirf O’Brien Uniform $ 2,493

ST: First Contact Borg Costume $ 2,279

TNG Two-Piece Starfleet Uniform $ 2,225

DS9 Cardassian Soldier Costume $ 2,158

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

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