Week 17 Preview

This week sees a range of Star Trek movie items including 3 Captain Kirk costumes. The prop selection is pretty weak, with the exception of a full range of movie costume rank pins, though most of these are resin, which is a curiosity.

The highest item now, which will probably top this week’s auctions, is the Admiral Kirk Casual Wear from Star Trek II:TWOK. A nice costume, with good detailing. It will be interesting to see where a casual costume goes for on these auctions. I really can’t give any guidance here because of the lack of history of this type of item so far.

The Star Trek III Admiral Kirk costume is one of two we know that It’s a Wrap has, and there are probably more. The two best examples of this costume were sold at Christie’s for $ 10,000 each, complete with jackets and belts. IAW has one on their web site which has the jacket but not the belt. They are asking $ 10,000 for it, which is totally unrealistic, and it hasn’t sold in the 4 months on their web site. You can see that one here. Now the pants on this one look wrong, and one of my good friends, who is a serious Star Trek movie costume collector pointed that out to me. If you are going to bid on this, make sure you ask IAW about this first.

The Captain Kirk Commando Costume
is a stunt, so not used by Shatner. None the less, it is a cool costume and different from the other commando costumes, most notably the color and the neck line of the under shirt, which has a notched front. It has the belt, which the previous versions of these costumes lacked, but has no rank pins. Also, the boots are really beautiful with these costumes (I have an Uhura with boots) and the boots are not part of these offerings.

The Spock Commando costume
is similar to the Kirk, though this is an actual Nimoy costume. It has a belt, though no rank pins or boots. Note that it was used in the turbolift shaft scene where Spock uses the rocket boots, so it has a hole in the back of the sweater.

I have told you many times about how many of a costume IAW probably has and how to figure it out for yourself (see the last post). Well, we now know that two of these costumes, the ST III Kirk and the Commando Spock are lesser versions of other costumes that IAW has in stock. (A better Spock Commando has been on display at IAW’s Burbank store with rank pins and boots).

What this tells us is that IAW is auctioning off the lesser quality costumes first. So as always, be patient!

I think the James Doohan Jumpsuit is not a choice piece. There are no rank insignia or Starfleet emblem and the bio buckle is not attached.

There is a classic Councilor Troi costume with boots (a nice touch) which should appeal to Next Gen fans. As should the Dr. Crusher costume (a similar one went on their web site for $ 3,000 back in December), which has the lab coat, though it has some distress as noted in the description.

The Admiral Bullock jacket is a really nice piece, though sadly without pants. I am sure this is a beauty in person. The TNG Starfleet Admiral costume is nice as well, though I was never a fan of this style. As you can see in the photos, it just doesn’t display as well as the Bulloock one.

The last costumes I will mention are the Picard and Data Romulan costumes, which I think are quite nice. This is an interesting way to get costumes of your favorite character.

As far as props go:

The Large Silver 24th Century Carry Case is the top item, which I think kind of shows the weakness of this week’s prop offerings. It is nice on the outside, but unremarkable inside. And while it will look nice on a shelf, how high can this item go and still be a good value?

The TNG Eline Probe Shaped Necklace is from “The Inner Light” which is on everyone’s top 5 TNG episode list. Considering that the flute went for $ 45,000 at Christie’s, I think this could get some serious interest. It is certainly a $ 2,000 item.

The Captain Picard Ready Room Data Module is nice, but I don’t think is worth more than $ 300-400, since you can see a bunch of these props in many episodes.

Finally, there is a whole range of resin rank pins (with a couple of metal ones in there). Now the question is were these screen used, and if so, where? Talking with a couple of Star Trek collectors I know, they all say that all the rank pins on the movie costumes they have are metal. I know they are metal on my Orange Radiation suit. So what are these made for? I don’t know and would love to hear from anyone who has any theories.

Good hunting!


3 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 17 Preview”

  1. There are some errors in the week 17 listings. #2589: the title says “ensign”, the description says “lieutenant”, it’s an ensign. Also, #2590 and #2591 need to have their images swapped to match the titles and descriptions.

  2. My guess is the resin pins were made for the Star Trek IV court-martial sequence, when there were a lot of people in a lot of uniforms, all needing cheap and won’t-need-to-bear-close-inspection rank insignia. A resin cast would be cheaper and easier to produce in numbers quickly I would assume. I dunno if that was the biggest scene in the TOS movie series with extras in the maroon era uniforms or not off the top of my head though.

  3. The Kirk Star Trek IV uniform pants may be different as from reading the description they were used for the underwater scenes. They may have had to use a different material. Perhaps we should ask IAW to get them wet and see if they match?

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