Week 20 Preview

This week is a huge Enterprise week. Lots of great props but not a great selection of costumes.

Topping the costume list right now is the Enterprise Admiral’s uniform. Now this one looks like a female costume by the cut of the waist, but the listing doesn’t say so. I have identified at least 5 such uniforms used at any given time on Trekcore.com. A previous female Admiral’s uniform went for $ 1,250. I like this costume a lot, but I think this one will go over $ 2,000 as it is $ 1,275 already. It is basically a background costume, but a very desirable one.

The Terran Empire uniform from Enterprise is at $ 810 right now and these have gone for $ 2,225, $ 1,200 and $ 1,000. But I think this one will go closer to $ 1,800 because of all the new bidders.

The Enterprise Starfleet Uniform jumpsuit is a Sciences blue, is at $ 535 and should go close to $ 1,000. There is also a female Engineering red, currently at $ 355. These have dropped in price as there are a lot of them, and I wouldn’t go over $ 1,000 on a background costume like this.

The Enterprise Klingon Warrior costume is a beauty. Previous ones have gone for $ 975 and $ 1,175, which I think is a great price on a really beautiful and important costume. If you are looking for a good deal in this price range, I recommend this one.

The Captain Archer distressed uniform has the potential to be a great deal. It is currently at $ 360 and I don’t see this topping $ 2,000. So if you want an Archer, I think you should look into this one. Note that it does not have an undershirt!

The Suliban Cabal Jumpsuit should go cheap. These have been going in the $ 500-600 range. They have a lot of latex, and so you have to deal with deterioration problems, but these look great.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise Tricorder/hand scanner has hit a record $ 8,119.99!! HOLY SMOKES! OK, this is nice, but that is a crazy amount for a prop. But, there are two people who think it is worth over $ 8,000, so who am I to say!

The Enterprise Klingon Disruptor Pistol and Holster is at $ 900. A previous one, that I believe was resin, went for $ 1,150. This is a nice piece, but of course rubber, so you have to be willing to see this crack over time.

The Enterprise Duty Roster Pad is a very nice piece. There weren’t many of these small ones, and so I think this goes over $ 1,500. It is a light up version. I held one of these a few weeks ago, and they are kind of neat.

The Starfleet Scientific Case at $ 836. These are funny items as they have gone higher than I would have thought a few times. It is interesting, and will look great on display, but is it worth $ 1,000 or more?

The Enterprise Com panel at $ 585 is a cool prop as these are rather iconic. But I still think it isn’t worth more than $ 600. But, not my call here, as it will certainly top that!

The Enterprise Phase Pistol is at $ 560 and will certainly top $ 1,000. It is rubber, but there aren’t many resin ones of these, and a rubber one is better than the Art Asylum ones. I think this one is worth going after.

I think the Voyager Plasma Charge goes for a reasonable price, maybe around $ 650, while I think the Universal Translator goes over $ 1,000.

If you spend time looking at the Dr. Phlox Denobulan Medicine Chest, you will see what a beauty this piece is. At $ 360 now, this prop is a steal at any price under $ 1,000 because it is pretty unique and just beautiful.

The Vulcan Energy Pistol is a resin one, so worth a look. It will certainly go under $ 1,000 and comes with a holster. A nice prop I think, and there aren’t many resin pistol props around lately.

The Andorian Energy Pistol is rubber and I think it goes around $ 500. Take a look as that is pretty good for a pistol prop.

The Xindi Repitilian Face Application is beautiful. You have to be prepared to spend money to preserve this, but this looks great. Note that the listing even says this is delicate!

Good luck this week and good hunting!


4 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 20 Preview”

  1. Alec:

    I am AMAZED at the price the scanner is up to. I guess since it lights up and 2 guys “gotta have it” this is why it is bid to where it is. I wonder if any last minute bids will push it over $10,000?
    I sure wish I liked Enterprise as much as Voyager because I would have bid waaay more than what I have put in so far (into 5 figures). This is the highest bid total I have bid so far for one week with IAW. I can only imagine what my weekly bill will be when IAW has a Voyager prop week!
    thanks for the weekly updates, keep them coming.

  2. Well, as a DS9 fan, I have been fairly safe the last few weeks.

    I agree on the scanner! GEEZ.

    I am actually working from home today as my Fed Ex Ground delivery from IAW is arriving today. I will post photos of everything I got from the Burbank show.


  3. Alec….How long is it from your “purchase date” to delivery day for your IAW goodies(…including auction wins)? Are IAW shipping times improving overall? What do others say? You’re probably on “pins and needles” ’til FedEx shows up. I remember those days.

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