Week 20

Did an obscure prop really sell for $ 20,211.99? That is the big question this week, as the Enterprise Vulcan Medial Artwork sold for that price. Now the buyer only has an 8 feedback rating, so it remains to be seen if this was a legitimate sale, or if two guys were just screwing around on eBay. And since eBay instituted their insane policy of not revealing bidder IDs, we don’t know who the under bidder was.

It wasn’t a big week for good uniforms. There were actually very few character costumes, though some decent depth.

The top was the Enterprise Admiral’s uniform which sold for $ 1,525. This is a fair price and in line with what Enterprise costumes like this are going for. It is a nice piece and my friend Grant won it and I know he is quite pleased. Don’t worry if you missed this one as there are more to come. As I mentioned in my preview, I have identified at least 5 such uniforms used at any given time on Trekcore.com.

The Captain Archer distressed uniform was a steal at $ 1,293 and gets my Best Buy of the Week. I mentioned in my preview that this might wind up a great deal, and it certainly was.

The Terran Empire uniform from Enterprise went for $ 1,203 to me! I have wanted one of these for a while and my aforementioned buddy Grant told me that his was beautiful. I am pretty fired up to get this and I think it went just where it should based on the two most recent sales of these at $ 1,200 and $ 1,000.

The Enterprise Starfleet Uniform jumpsuit that was Sciences blue, sold for $ 1,101, while the female Engineering red sold or $ 1,080. I think both of these are reasonable for background costumes, though I like them more in the $ 800-900 range. None the less, these buyers won’t be disappointed.

The Enterprise Klingon Warrior costume went for $ 1,027. That is a pretty good deal. These may not be the iconic uniforms that we all want, but these are nice none the less. Whenever you can get a nice costume with some meaning for $ 1,000 that us a good deal. Previous ones have gone for $ 975 and $ 1,175, so this one went right where it should.

The Suliban Cabal Jumpsuit went cheap as I predicted. $ 412 is an insanely low price for a main guest star costume. yes, there is a lot of latex in these, but none the less, what a deal!

As far as props go:

The Enterprise Tricorder/hand scanner set a prop record at $ 8,119.99!! It was a beauty, but every collector I talked to felt that was a crazy price. It won’t keep that value if ever sold again, but someone got what they wanted, which is what is important.

The Starfleet Scientific Case sold for $ 2,213, which I think is crazy for a plastic case with some Star Trek stickers on it. We have seen these before, and we may see more of these. They have also gone high in the past.

The “Field Rate 2 PADD” from Enterprise was the second of the big size ones from Enterprise. it went for $ 1,225, which is reasonable. Having won the other one of these, I can say they are well worth it, as it is a beautiful prop.

The Electronic Alien Panels were a shocker at $ 1,225. What makes these go for this price, but the Xindi ones go way less? No clue here.

The Enterprise Phase Pistol also went for $ 1,225. That was pretty reasonable for an important prop, even if rubber.

The Enterprise Duty Roster Pad went for $ 1,132 which was quite reasonable. It lights up and is a rare version of the PADDs used on Enterprise.

Both Trip Tucker’s Bulletin Board and the Enterprise Prop Camera went for $ 1,085. I like the Bulletin Board better as it has a bunch of the film’s for the PADDs.

I won the Enterprise Universal Translator for $ 911, which I think was a good deal. Now all I need is a communicator to pop in the top of this.

The Voyager Plasma Charge went for $ 905. That seems like a lot, but it does light up. This is a very cool prop and we should see more of these, as they had a bunch in Voyager.

The Enterprise Klingon Disruptor Pistol and Holster didn’t go for more than the $ 900 it was at mid-week. Not a bad price for an important weapon prop, even though it is rubber. It comes with a holster, which is a nice addition.

The Vulcan Energy Pistol went for $ 830. This is a resin one and came with a holster and I think this was a pretty good deal.

We’ve seen the Enterprise Energy Carbine before, and this rubber one went for $ 810.

The Xindi Repitilian Face Application is beautiful but went for a pretty high $ 786. This is, after all, latex, and you need to make sure you preserve this, or put it in an air-tight display and out of the sunlight.

Finally, one of my favorite props was the Dr. Phlox Denobulan Medicine Chest, which went for $ 689. This has some real character, and I got outbid on it! Congrats to the winner!


Best Costume of the Week: The Enterprise Admiral’s uniform which sold for $ 1,525 was the best of a weak selection.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Tricorder/hand scanner at $ 8,119.99 was certainly expensive, but definetly the best prop.

Best Buy of the week: The Captain Archer distressed uniform was a steal at $ 1,293.

Worst Buy of the week: Do I even have to say it? The Vulcan Medical Art at $ 20,212

Sleeper of the Week: The Sphere Builder Costume at $ 598 is spectacular and certainly the best value for any costume this week (or most any). Look closely at the photos. I bought this on behalf of my friend and I liked it so much, my buddy Grant (yeah he has been omni-present this week) sold me the one he got two months ago.


Enterprise Vulcan Medial Artwork $ 20,212

Enterprise Tricorder/hand scanner $ 8,120

Starfleet Scientific Case $ 2,213

Enterprise Admiral’s uniform $ 1,525.

Captain Archer distressed uniform $ 1,293

Hope you all got what you wanted!


4 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 20 Results”

  1. OK, so we can all agree the Vulcan art at 20k was most likely a bogus bid, if not 2 people REALLY wanted it! This was a big week for me as I prefer props and there were a bunch. The tricorder that went for 8k was STRONG in my eyes but I can say sometimes there are things I HAVE to own and it looks like there were 2 people that had to have it. Congrats to the winner.
    I got Trip’s bulletin board and consider it a good price considering the extras included with it. I was going to go higher than what it ended at.
    I picked up the plasma charge and this was another “had to have” item this week for me. I bid extra for this considering it lights up and I like Voyager. The Vulcan energy pistol went to me as well, I like weapons so this was a good buy for my collection. The Energy carbine went to me as well. All little high for a rubber prop but you only live once.
    All in all I got 12 items this week. My highest dollar amount and item count so far.
    I have 2 packages incoming from IAW next week with a combined weight of 140 pounds. Looks like Christmas time next week!

    This coming week is going to be good for you costume guys especially the early movie stuff.

    Alec, I enjoy your write ups each week, keep them coming.

    Let’s hear what you other guys picked up.

  2. OMG!!! What a week! And I thought my Burbank purchases were big. 🙂

    You really loaded up this week. I like the Plasma charge myself. I hope I get one later.

    And yes, this week will be a huge one for costumes.


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