Week 21 Preview Part 1

WOW! After a few really mediocre weeks of auctions, this week is probably the best we have seen so far. A ton of movie costumes from ST: TMP and important character costumes from Worf, Picard, Riker and Data, as well as re-listed costumes where the sale never closed between the buyer and IAW.

In addition, there are 125 lots this week rather than the usual 100. It’s a Wrap has said they are trying to get more auctions listed every week, and so we shall see how, if at all, this affects prices.

With so much stuff to review, I am breaking this week’s previews up into three posts. First I will deal with the re-listed costumes from previous weeks and the Next Gen costumes, then tomorrow I will preview the Star Trek: The Motion Picture costumes, and finally, the day after, everything else.

The first costumes of note are the four costumes that were sold on April 13th to a fraudulent bidder. Don’t you hate these idiots who abuse the system? Well, this guy actually had NEGATIVE feedback and so we all knew these costumes would come up again.

The first is the Casual Kirk from the beginning of Star Trek II:TWOK. This one went for $ 5,700 last time, but it is only at $ 2,000 so far. This one should go over $ 4,000 at least as it is an important costume from the best Trek movie ever.

The second is the Commando Spock which went for $ 4,292. A pretty sharp costume, this one should do well again.

PAY ATTENTION TO THESE TWO. I think there might be a good value with these. The Kirk under $ 5,000 or the Spock under $ 4,000 are good deals.

The third costume to be re-listed is the Captain Kirk Commando Stunt costume is a beauty. If you want a Kirk and don’t care that Shatner didn’t wear this, then this one could be a good deal. Especially with all the great costumes this week, this will be a good week to find bargains.

Finally, the Klingon Costume that Neelix wore in the Star Trek: Voyager Episode “The Killing Game” is up again for sale again. Now this is a great costume because not only is it a highly sought after Klingon costume, but it was used by a main character. It went for $4,217 last time, so I think this will go at least $3,500 this time around.

These are great costumes, but it should be very interesting to see where they go this time, without the fraudulent bidder budding things up. This might actually work to It’s a Wrap’s advantage as the new bidders who have come in might bid these up. on the other hand, there are so many great costumes this week, they might go cheap.

The next re-list is the “James Doohan” shirt which actually was worn by his son in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You can check back in April for the articles I wrote with the help of information from a couple readers on how this wasn’t James Doohan’s shirt. It was actually worn by his son Chris in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where he and his brother Montgomery were background actors. The costume was obviously tagged with James Doohan’s name so the costumer would bring it to Doohan, as his sons were certainly not treated just like any other extra. I actually spoke to the winner who wound up turning down buying the costume. My understanding is that Doohan’s son actually bid on this, so I hope he bids on it again. I actually suggested to IAW that they just sell it directly to him. Oh well!

OK, so what are the great new costumes this week? Well, let’s start off with all the Next Generation costumes at the top of the bidding. The Worf costume is by far getting the most interest right now. At $2,800 it is this high because it has both rank pips AND a communicator and we haven’t seen this before. That makes this costume more complete than any other we have seen. This will go well over $3,000 I think.

Then is the Riker at $2,250. This is the black and gray version from Star Trek Nemesis. These are very desirable costumes because they are really beautiful. I own Sisko’s and I can tell you these are gorgeous. This is a jumpsuit and comes with the undershirt.

The Picard however, is the less desirable “Voyager” style from Star Trek Generations, and this is why it is going less than the Riker. Still, it is a Picard and will go around $3,000 – 3,500 where the other captain’s costumes do.

There is also Data’s underwater costume from Star Trek: Insurrection. This is cool because it is assignable to a specific scene in a specific movie. This is kind of low now, but i am sure this will top $ 2,000 (unless people are worried it won’t display well because of water damage, which is not apparent).

There is also a Geordi LaForge costume from “Generations”. These Operations Gold costumes always look good because of the contrast of the black with the gold. The fact that a Black and Gold FIrst Contact style background costume is currently higher than the Data or LaForge should tell you something! It’s only at $ 515 now so this might go cheap! I could easily see this going under $ 1,500 and at that price it would be a steal.

The Borg costume at $ 1,225 is pretty nice. These are entirely made of latex, so you have to deal with the deterioration issues, but these have been going in the $ 2,300 range and a good deal because they are so iconic. Everyone knows the Borg! This comes with boots too.

I am not sure if the Starfleet Admiral costume is a re-list, as this looks like the one that went a couple of week’s ago. Either way, these are interesting costumes, though I really don’t like them in comparison with later Admiral’s costumes. This is at $ 660 and this could get lost in the plethora of great costumes this week.

There is a nice black and gold jumpsuit worn by “Lieutenant Farrell” (Dendrie Taylor), who we saw in the TNG episode “Phantasms” and again in Generations where she assisted Geordi in engineering and with the evacuation of children when the saucer was being seperated. Check out this character’s info at Memory Alpha. If you are looking for one of these, this is a good place to get a deal.

The “Dr. Soran” costume is pretty sharp as well, and a significant piece! It is only at $ 227.50 right now and should go under $ 1,000, and if you are lucky, maybe even around $ 600-800.

I also love the Nemesis Starfleet Band Uniform from the wedding scene! Pretty cool. If you are a musician, this is for you! At $ 202, I think this will go cheap, and will be a great piece for someone on a budget.

I should also point out the Insurrection Son’a Officer uniform which is CHEAP at $ 127. Not that it comes with a second jumpsuit as well as boots, a head piece and gloves. This is a sleeper for sure!

Tomorrow I will tackle the huge number of Star Trek: The Motion Picture costumes up for auction!


8 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 21 Preview Part 1”

  1. Alec,

    I agree this is quite a week. We’re all gonna go broke. Comment on the Chancellor Gorkon costume. I would be interested in your thoughts, given the description by IAW.

    Robert (from Columbus)

  2. Well, the Gorkon is beautiful. What a great Klingon costume! I hate that it doesn’t have boots, but what the heck. It is a Klingon!

    Now, is it used by David Warner? No clue. Tags read “Gorkon” which is unusual, as usually you get the actors name in there, not the character. Also, we see the name “Scott MacDonald” on the belt. A stunt actor? Raises questions.


  3. I am surprised the Data uniform is going so low, no one is bidding higher than what it is at! I wonder if it will go higher.

  4. LOTS of the costumes are low now. Two reasons:

    1) people are getting used to waiting till the last minute to bid.

    2) There are SO many good items this week, and everyone is spread thin.


  5. I wonder just how long the higher recent prices will stay around. Hopefully people will back off their bids once they get the items they want. I don’t see the prices staying where they are now for a long time. What do you guys think?

  6. I doubt any bidders are hesitating on the Data because of water spots. The gray and black jumpsuit does not have Spiner’s name on the costume tag and apparently was used by a stuntman. I think it’s safe to say that IAW would have mentioned that it did have another tag with Spiner’s name if it were present. They have overlooked tags in the preponderance of costumes but would not make that mistake on a character as big as Data. Also remember that a costume tag with only the character’s name does not automatically mean that the starring actor or actress used it.

    For Chancellor Gorkon’s costume, it is a compilation of parts – some correct, some from other costumes that just look close to Warner’s. Here is the quote, “the trousers, gauntlets, and gloves are not verifiably part of the costume and have been included to create a representative uniform.” Also, the belt might not be David Warner’s as well. It has a name on it that may be for a stuntman (but that name is not one of those listed at Memory Alpha) or may be for Trek guest actor Scott MacDonald (with another “A”), but none of his roles used a belt like that. My guess is that the belt is authentically Warner’s.

    Anyway, let the buyer beware.

    Apollo 13

  7. Has there been a new version picard or sisko from IAW yet? I am waiting for a Picard or Sisko that would be totally awesome!

  8. Apollo

    I have to disagree with you on the Data costume. From what is listed, the undershirt is Spiners and from what I am reading it seems to me as the rest was worn by Spiner (maybe they did not have enough room for Spiners name with all the other writing on the tag).
    At a certain point we have to take a leap of faith with costumes and who wore them because we could argue that EVERY costume MIGHT not have been worn by the actor listed/not listed on the tag.

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