Week 21 Preview – The Props

OK, so let’s review the props available this week. I don’t think there will be any bargains as the great selection of costumes won’t really impact the prop sales. Seems like prop and costume collectors are often separate groups. and there isn’t a huge selection of props, though the quality is strong.

The Type III Mk 2 Phaser rifle is nice, and we haven’t seen this type before. They seem to be less desirable than the Mk 3 because the barrel simply looks better on the Mk 3. None the less, there are simply fewer of these around. I see this in the $ 2,500 range.

The Nemesis style Phaser Rifle is almost identical to the Type III Mk 3 except for the different scope. I just bought one just like this from IAW at the Burbank show and paid $ 2,000. the last one of these on eBay from IAW went for $ 2,370.

The Klingon Bat’leth looks like one that was up before (unless they are just using the same photo). It is rubber, and has one end a bit distressed. Still, these have been going around $ 1,000 consistantly.
The Star Trek III Accelerated Growth Microorganism is pretty damn cool, and amazingly in great shape for a 25 year old latex prop. At $ 380, I see this in the $ 600 range. I don’t like the way these look over time, but still pretty neat.
The pair of Genesis Planet Microorganisms is also cool. Currently at $ 255, this should go well under $ 1,000 and there are two of them! Get with a buddy and split this lot and have a great piece of Star Trek history!

This is the fifth Klingon mask to come up. The first two went just under $ 600, while the third spiked up to $ 1,500. The fourth one went around $ 1,000. So i think this, especially in a crowded week, goes under $ 1,000 and probably around $ 600-700.
The Kolaran bust is a beauty. Maybe a paint study as the latex appliance is affixed to the form underneath. This will look great in any collection, just make sure you get it preserved so it doesn’t deteriorate.

The New Borg Queen head mold is questionable in that I don’t think it is Alice Krige who played the Borg queen in First Contact and in the two part Voyager finale “Endgame”. Rather I think this belongs to the actress who played the Borg Queen in between. That is why it says “New Borg Queen”. Not just “Borg Queen”. Also, it doesn’t look like Alice Krige.

The Borg Skull is NOT the one from the end of Star Trek: First contact, as this simply does not match up. Do your own research. There are some similarities, but it is very different. I don’t know where this is used, but it isn’t what you first would think.

The Romulan PADD is really nice. These have been going in the $ 800-1,000 range, and I would expect the same here. I think we will continue to see lots of PADDs as there were so many of these from every race in the Star Trek Universe.

The Insurrection Son’A hand pistol is only at $ 76 now and I am not sure why it is so low. yeah, it is made of rubber, but this should go for $ 400 or more when all is said and done.

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture Betelgeusian mask is pretty cool and in remarkably good shape for being so old. It is pretty cheap now, and should go for $ 400-500.

Finally, there are four sets of uniforms shoulder department insignia, which will probably go around $ 50 each. These are good for completing costumes. There are also name badges for Star Trek movie jumpsuits and these should go in the $ 50 range as well.

Well, that is all for the previews. I know a lot of us are pretty fired up about this week, and I hope I am not broke after Friday!

Good hunting!


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