Week 21

It’s a Wrap set a sales record by a wide margin with a weekly gross of $124,287.25. It was a great week for costumes, and there were some high prices on mediocre star costumes.

The Star Trek: TMP Spock Class D uniform at $6,100.03 was the top costume of the week. There was no uniform insignia and no shoulder strips. This may have been because this jumpsuit was used at the end of the movie under their field jackets. You never see anything but the collar and legs of this uniform. So, for this to go so high I think is a bit much.

The Casual Kirk from the beginning of Star Trek II:TWOK was second highest. This went for $ 5,700 the last time it was on (It was relisted because of a fraudulent buyer). It went even higher this time at $ 6,100.

The Star Trek: TMP Dr. McCoy Class C Jacket Wrap went for a ridiculous $5,166.66 since it was never worn in the movie! Like many other Star Trek: TMP costumes, it was made and never used. And for that price you expect a screen-used costume.

The Admiral Kirk Class B is a great costume. I think it is the best costume Kirk wears in The Motion Picture. It doesn’t have a chest insignia, but it does have a bio-monitor buckle and shoulder insignia. It sold for $ 4,905.

The Star Trek VII: Generations Captain Picard Uniform at $4,050.03 was pretty much in line with other Captain’s costumes which have sold in the $ 3-4,000 range. I won this and now have 4 of the 5 captain;s costumes, so I was pretty happy. This is the costume Picard wore while he battled Soran on Veridian III with Kirk at the end of Generations, so I think it is an important Picard costume.

The Worf costume went for a very healthy $ 4,000. Partly this is due to the presence of a comm badge and rank pips. Still, that is as much as this week’s Picard!

The Star Trek V Kirk Climbing costume sold at Christie’s for $ 3,000, but sold here for $ 3,650. It’s a cool costume that is pretty important in Star Trek V.

The Klingon Costume that Neelix wore in the Star Trek: Voyager Episode “The Killing Game” is another re-list that went for $ 3,650. The strongest Klingon costume so far, it came in a week when we also saw the Gorkon from Star Trek VI sell for $ 3,250, so it was a big week for Klingons!

The Spock Sickbay Costume at $ 2,9820 was a shocker. Yes, it is a key scene in ST: TMP, but still, it isn’t a Starfleet uniform, so I think it is a bit much.

The Riker went for a very strong $2,820. This is the black and gray version from Star Trek Nemesis. I good buy I think as there wasn’t one of these at Christie’s.

At $ 2,816, the Scotty Class D was a bit high for a costume with no insignia or shoulder strips.

The Willard Decker though went for $ 2,750, which wasn’t bad. It just was missing the wrist rank stripes.

The Commando Spock went for $ 2,550 which was a steal! This is an important costume and used through most of Star Trek V. I can’t believe it went so low.

The Uhura distressed Class B from ST: TMP was WAY overpriced at $ 2,469. It looks pretty bad and is incomplete. I am really surprised where this went.

The TMP Off Duty Tunic is like the one Ilia wore, but not hers. It went for $ 2,227, which I think is strong for a non-character costume. The last time one of these was on it went fro $ 3,000.

The Tuvok Maroon Officer costume went for a modest $ 2,215. I think this was a great deal, even though the jacket isn’t Tim Russ’s. These are iconic costumes and the last two have gone in the $ 2,800 range.

Here are some other costume prices realized:

Star Trek: Insurrection Data’s underwater costume $ 1,927
Reasonable Price for a nice costume with good screen time.

Star Trek: First Contact Borg costume $ 1,925
Borg costume prices dropped a bit. last one went for $ 2,200.

Star Trek V Captain Kirk Commando Stunt costume $ 1,923
A great deal on a Kirk! (Even though it is not a Shatner)

Star Trek: TNG Starfleet Admiral costume $ 1,801
Strong price for a costume that has gone under $ 1,000 previously.

Star Trek III Star Trek III Security armor $ 1,591
Almost same price as last time. Great costume!

Star Trek: Generations Geordi LaForge costume $ 1,582
Very reasonable price

Star Trek: TMP white radiological suit $ 1,575
About right for a nice costume

Star Trek: TMP Dr. Chapel Sickbay Uniform $ 1,454
Not correct, but fair price.

Star Trek: TMP Ilia Starfleet uniform $ 1,315
Same type as the McCoy that went for $ 5,166

Star Trek: TMP David Marcus top $ 1,254
Iconic costume. Good price!

Star Trek: Nemesis Starfleet Jumpsuit $ 1,225
People LOVE these operations gold ones!

Star Trek: Insurrection Anij Costume $ 1,030
Good price on main character costume

Star Trek: TMP Chekov Class B Uniform Shirt $ 1,010
The shirt Chekov wore when he got burned.

As far as Props go:

The Type III Mk 2 Phaser rifle went for a reasonable $ 2,600. First one of these we have seen.

The Nemesis style Phaser Rifle went for $ 2,325, which is inline with previous sales.

The Kolaran cannon was a surprise at $ 1,225. I am kind of surprised this went so high, but everyone has different tastes!

The Klingon Bat’leth went for a reasonable $ 910; close to what previous ones have gone for.

I think I got a great deal as I won the Reman Rifle at $ 888. These are pretty nice as I saw one in person at the Burbank Star Trek convention last month. There IAW wanted $ 1,500, so I am pleased.

The fifth Klingon mask we have seen so far went for $ 812. So the prices are coming down on these .

Amazingly, the small black and amber Vulcan Jewelry went for $ 800! Way high for a simple piece that has no recognizable value.

The Borg Skull went for $ 710. Ths was not the one from the end of Star Trek: First contact, as this simply does not match up, but may have been made for that scene as it is similar, just teh wrong materials.

Finally, the Kolaran bust went for $ 510, which I think was a good deal. It is quite beautiful, and already mounted. Still, I suggest contacting Tom Spina and getting this preserved.


Best Costume of the Week: The Star Trek: TMP Admiral Kirk Class B Uniform is my favorite Kirk from TMP and I think this was the class of the week.

Best Prop of the Week: The Type 3, Mark 2 Phaser Rifle is a beauty, and I just lost out on this. (My buddy has one he is willing to trade, so I didn’t want to go too high). Not as cool as the Mark 3, but still very cool!

Best Buy of the week: The Spock Commando Costume at $ 2,550 is a STEAL! An important Spock at this price is amazing.

Worst Buy of the week: The Star Trek: TMP Dr. McCoy Class C Jacket Wrap Way high for a costume never used on-screen.

Sleeper of the Week: The Regula Scientist “Jedda” costume is a beauty and very recognizable. A steal at $ 687.


Star Trek: TMP Spock Class D uniform $6,100.03

Star Trek II Admiral Kirk Casual Wear $6,100

Star Trek: TMP Dr. McCoy Class C Jacket Wrap $5,166.66

Star Trek: TMP Admiral Kirk Class B Uniform $4,905

Star Trek VII: Generations Captain Picard Uniform $4,050.03

Hope you all got what you wanted! Thanks to Aaron Carlson for getting his act together again on the stats! 🙂

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5 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 21 Results”

  1. Hey Alec
    You know you and I agree on almost everything but….. I think the “Worf” costume I won was a better deal than the “Picard” because it was complete. ( you forgot to mention the boots )I know the Picard had some on screen significance but it comes with nothing.( I need to find a baldric somewhere ) Both costumes for around the same amount of money both main characters I don’t know but I thought I did pretty good. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it soon.Love the new website!!( I probably should have posted this there :o)) Keep up the great work. All the best!
    Grant K ( aka Grantk1701 )

  2. Well, of course, all that matters is what you like. And yes, I think it is a great costume and you did well. I know you wanted it bad!

    So here is why I think the Picard was a better deal. The comm badge is a $ 300-350 item (I just bought one for $ 300),and the pips are tough, and we don’t know a price for those yet, but assume $ 350. Ok, so you paid $ 3,300 for the costume. At that price, about right. Boots…well, I know they don’t mean anything to me, but some collectors think they are cool.

    The important thing is that the Picard is a Captain and they will always command a premium. Everyone wants the man in the main seat.You can’t put a Worf (as popular as he is) against a Picard. Look at what the costumes commanded at Christie’s.

    Worf First Season $ 2,160
    Worf Second Season $ 3,600

    Picard First Season $ 18,000
    Picard Jumpsuit $ 11,400
    Picard Late Season $ 10,400

    That doesn’t mean you didn’t do well, I just think that the Captain’s costumes on IAW have been exceptional deals. $ 4,000 is the lowest a Picard has probably ever gone for.

    And yes, post this on the forum!!!


  3. Out of your highlights I picked up the Kolaran rifle and Borg Skull. I would have gotten the rifle for around $600 but a buddy of mine put in a crazy bid of $1200 and I put in a even crazier bid above this number. I think we are going to talk each week so we don’t run each other up on items.

    You should paste your write up on your forum each week so we can talk about it a little easier.

    Looks like this coming week will be a breather for most. The items seem pretty average (except for a few must have’s for me ;)).

    Jason S

  4. Jason:

    1) ALWAYS talk with your buddies so you don’t bid against each other.

    2) I will be posting my blog on the Forum each week.

    3) We all have must have’s! Let’s email each other to discuss.


  5. Alec I agree with you on the Uhura distressed Class B uniform from ST: TMP. It had some staining on the right side. When I saw the bids jump from $579 to $2469…I almost choked on my Hot Pocket. Here’s a question…Uniforms that are stained or spotted, would it be a “good idea” to have it cleaned?…Professionally? I understand that these are very old fabrics, but would it be a “safe risk”?

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