Week 22 Preview

Well, this week is why I think all those re-lists should have been saved to this week. The costume selection is really weak and the prop selection fair. I think we all need time to recover from the record week we just finished.

The Klingon Warrior Costume is the top costume so far and the only real standout this week. These have gone in the $ 1,800 range previously, but with it already being so high, this will probably go in the $ 2,500 range. Again, no boots.

The first Guinan costume was listed this week, and so it will be interesting to see where this one goes. It is only at $ 600, so I expect this to finish under $ 2,000.

The Major Kira Dress uniform is really beautiful and comes with boots. What great fabric and it also has the rank and comm badges. This could easily top $ 3,000 as Kira uniforms have b een commanding $ 3,500 prices.

The Miles O’Biren Distressed uniform is VERY cool in that the distressing is quite impressive. This is the First Contact style and the gold operations colors always look great with this type. This one will display really well and could be the centerpiece of a collection. O’Brien fans should look hard at this one (and their bank accounts) and be willing to fork over $ 1,500 minimum for this.

The Harry Kim Dress uniform is nice in that you don’t see many of these. This should go in the $ 1,500-2,000 range. I own the Task Yar dress uniform, which is similar and I can tell you these are beauties. Throw a Comm Badge (from Federation Surplus of course) and this will display great!

The last Nog costume went for $ 1,691, and this one will go for about the same I would expect. It is the nice First Contact style Nog got when he became an ensign. I told you there were more. 🙂

There is a nice Voyager style Reg Barclay costume that I think could be a sleeper. Reg was a great character in Voyager and I am sure there are fans of this character out there. This if teh first Barcaly we have seen. This is probably also the rarer style as he was mostly in the later episodes, when Starfleet had changed to the First Contact style uniform (though Voyager’s crew still used the earlier ones).

The Noss costume from the Voyager episode “Gravity” is pretty cool and worn by Lori Petty in that episode. I think this is a great guest costume and should go at a reasonable price. It is complete with gloves and boots.

The Picard civilian costume from Family is a very cool Picard costume. It is only at $ 290 now, but this will go around $ 1,500 for sure. This is an important TNG episode and this costume is one of the better Picard civilian costumes.

The Twin Borg Boy costume is one used by the double for the twins from the Voyager episode “Collective”. It is cool in that it is a partial body suit. The Azan one of these went previously for $ 1,358.

Finally, the Irina costume from the Voyager episode “Drive” is really beautiful. Great fabrics and colors make for a costume that will look great on display.

As far as props go:

The Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle is the top prop, already at $ 1,275. It will certainly top $ 3,000 as it is a hero resin version. Now I think many of us agree that this is the ugliest Phaser rifle ever. But still, it is a Phaser Rifle, which have all gone over $ 2,300 so far.

The Grand Nagus Staff is pretty cool, though broken and missing the lower half. None the less, a great prop for all you Ferengi collectors! I have no idea where this will go, but I know a few people want it.

The DS9 Starfleet PADD is a nice version and lights up. These have been going about $1,300-1,800. This one is already at $ 665.

The Voyager Briefing Room Chair is nice and I wish I lived in LA so I could buy this and pick it up, but the thought of paying for shipping is daunting. Still, who wouldn’t like to have a chair from Voyager in their office?

The Prop Borg arm is AMAZING and will certainly hit $ 1,500. Look at the detailing….very cool. I don’t even collect Borg stuff, but this is still a piece that has huge appeal.

The Horga’hn Statuette is another piece everyones seems to know about and should do well. It is some kind of polystyrene, but the description actually denotes that this is the best one remaining, and I applaud IAW for including good info like that!

I like the rubber Mek’Leth, and I saw one of these at Burbank at the Star Trek convention and I liked it a ton. At $ 293, this will go in the $ 600-800 range and will look great on display.

The Yesterday’s Enterprise Crewman Belt is very cool, but does anyone else find this photo confusing? It would go great with a costume from that episode, of which we have only seen the Tasha Yar at Christie’s.

Finally, the Alternate Universe Comm Badge is really interesting. We haven’t seen one of these before, and it will be interesting to see where this one goes. I like the way they incorporated the rank with the comm badge.

And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums!

Good hunting!


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