Week 22

It’s a Wrap set had more items than ever up this week (145) but sales were half of what they were last week. That is not a surprise as last week saw the best selection to date and 5 high-dollar costumes that the buyer reneged on got re-listed, making a great week even better.

Total sales for week 22 were $ 59,633.86, less than half of last week. None the less, there were some good items, filled in with some great bargains.

The Klingon Warrior Costume went for $ 3,150, which was the highest yet for a Klingon costume. The flood of new bidders probably has everything to do with that.

The Major Kira Dress uniform is one of the nicest Bajoran costumes we have seen, and was sold complete with boots and rank and comm badges. It went for a reasonable $ 2,677.

I won the Nog costume for a reasonable $ 1,527. I am a big Nog fan and I also won the Nog Head Mold. The fact that this costume, was the third highest priced costume tells you that it was not a strong week.

The first Guinan costume IAW has listed went for $ 1,403, which is pretty reasonable and in line with secondary character costumes.

The Miles O’Biren Distressed uniform went for $ 1,383 and I liked
this because of the very cool distressing. My good friend Martin from Germany won this, and I am glad it has a good home. It went for less than the $ 1,500 I predicted, and so this is a really good deal. And there were a lot of good deals in this price range this week.

The Harry Kim Dress uniform went for only $ 1,381 and the Voyager style Reg Barclay costume went for $ 1,330. All of these costumes were great deals and the new owners will fin d they made good investments as well.

The Picard civilian costume from Family went for $ 1,135 and I think that is a steal. What an important costume from a great episode. I predicted it would go over $ 1,500 and other Picard civilian costumes have gone for much more.

The Noss costume from the Voyager episode “Gravity” went for a paltry $ 815, which is insanely cheap for a beautiful costume in a very good episode. I think the fact that Lori Petty is a bit of a genre favorite, should have added to the price this fetched.

As far as props go:

This was a really bad week for props. So not a lot to review here:

The Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle was the top prop at $ 2,957. Despite the fact that I am not a big fan of this Phasrer Rifle, I won it to go with my other Phaser Rifles. I am trying to get one of each style.

The Voyager Briefing Room Chair at $ 1,922.99 seems over priced. I mean it is only a chair! But then again, it is very recognizable from the Voyager Briefing Room. Someone will have fun with this in their office.

The Grand Nagus Staff was broken in two, and the bottom piece was missing. So it sold for $ 1,645.99. I think a complete one goes over $ 3,000.

The Horga’hn Statuette went for $ 1.005.99. I like that IAW actually said it was the best one of the kind left. That is good, useful information.

The Prop Borg arm went for a reasonable $ 960. A very cool piece that will look great on display. I like this one a lot as it has such wide appeal.

The Jem’Hadar Kar’Takin was also a nice piece that I bid on, as it was resin. It went for a strong $ 952, but I think it will look good next to a Jem’Hadar uniform!

The DS9 Starfleet PADD went for a very reasonable $ 910. Less than other light up Starfleet PADDS. Are we seeing PADD fatigue?

The rubber Mek’Leth was a deal at $ 576. I think IAW was asking $ 600 for this at Burbank, so I think this was spot on.

Finally, the Alternate Universe Comm Badge went for $ 405. It will be interesting to see how many more of this type there are, as this was teh first we saw. It is a nice piece and I lobe how the rank was incorporated with the comm badge.


Best Costume of the Week: Clearly the Major Kira Dress uniform was the class of the lot. A beautiful, rare costume that was complete.

Best Prop of the Week: Once again a Phaser Rifle wins best prop as the Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle was best in a poor week for props.

Best Buy of the week: Both the Harry Kim Dress uniform at $ 1,381 and the Voyager style Reg Barclay costume at $ 1,330 were great deals on main character costumes.

Worst Buy of the week: Actually, there weren’t any bad buys this week! Good job to all for your restraint!

Sleeper of the Week: The Noss costume from the Voyager episode “Gravity” was a great deal at $ 815 and is a beauty.


Klingon Warrior Costume $ 3,150

Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle $ 2,957

Major Kira Dress uniform $ 2,677

Voyager Briefing Room Chair $ 1,922

Grand Nagus Staff $ 1,645.99.

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the stats!

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