Week 23 Preview

Well, I arrived back from the UK yesterday. Settling in, I reviewed the auctions again, and it is a pretty good week.

The T’Pol Uniform is the top item at the moment at $ 4,311.99. It is the Season 1/2 style (which personally I don’t like), but considering where the stunt jumpsuit went for, this one will hit $ 6,000 easy. T’Pol remains a hot property.

The Starfleet Command Communications Officer costume is a beauty. These have been going around $ 2,800 and a good deal at these prices. I like this one for the unique coloring of the shoulder strap. Wish it had a belt though!

The MACO uniform with the Assault Kit is a great item. These have sold separately in the past. The Assault kit went for $ 2,425 and a uniform went for $ 1,025. So $ 3,000 for this item is quiet reasonable.

The Carbon Creek Vulcan costumes have become increasingly popular. The T’Mir costume is pretty nice and already at $ 1,316. Being T’Pol’s great-grandmother (and equally as hot!) this could hit

The Borg Drone costume is at $ 1,125. This one has some damage to it and I can’t stress enough how fragile latex costumes can be. My buddy Dana got one and had to return it as it was in such poor shape. Now that is rare, admittedly. But none the less, these costume are fragile.

The Tripp Tucker is a standout costume, currently at $ 1,025. This will probably go in the $ 3,000 range. It looks sharp with no defects. The last went for $ 3,728, but that was in an insane bidding week. I don’t see this one going that high.

The Ezri Dax is nice in that it is a two piece style. These are rare and
certainly worth more than the jumpsuits. This will go around $ 2,000 I think. It certainly looks beautiful!

The Enterprise Hoshi Sato is also a nice jumpsuit. The last one went for $ 1,800. This one will go around the same. I like these, though I haven’t made the plunge on a hero one yet. These are good deals too I think.

I don’t understand the fascination with the Casual Dress Uniforms. It’s like people think these are all Ilia’s costumes. I ave no idea where this will go, but I wouldn’t go over $ 1,000 for it myself.

The Nemesis “Deanna Troi” is a great example of why these jumpsuits look so good. This will look awesome on display. Currently at $ 710, this is a good deal at anything around $ 1,800.

All you Vulcan lovers can go after the Commander Sonak. Though missing the shoulder strips, this is a nice one and comes with the built in boots. Currently at $ 710, this is a nice costume that should go around $ 1,800 and will be well worth it.

Other Costumes of Note:

Uhura Star Trek V Commando – Should go around $ 1,000 as the last one did.

Chekov Class C – Not screen used but a beautiful piece that will display well.

Tom Paris “Drive” Costume – A beautiful one off costume that looks amazing.

Quark Costume – These go cheap for no reason. This is a beauty.

McCoy Class D – These went high a week ago. Will go cheap I think.

White Radiological Jumpsuit – These are beautiful on display. A deal under $ 1,500.

I strongly urge you to look at all the costumes as there are some great deals to be had.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise “E” Bridge Console is a great piece, though very large. Who wouldn’t want a piece of the Enterprise? I have no clue where it will go, but you better be ready for a large shipping bill!

The Klingon D’K’Tahg is a beauty, even though it is rubber. At $ 750 currently, this is a sure $ 1,500 item, and well worth it.

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle is actually a Romulan Disruptor Rifle. The last one went around $ 1,200 and I think this one will go about the same. I am told a bunch of these were made for Nemesis, but never used on-screen.

The Xindi Reptilian Rifle is a beauty. These are my favorite rifle props, and I handled one in person at teh Burbank show. Though rubber, it is a great item. I see this going at least $ 1,200 and a deal at anything less.

The Feature Style Officer’s Belt is pretty small, being a size 30, but these are important pieces to complete uniforms. It is already at $ 530 and could hit $ 900 or so.

The Cardassian Oval LCARS Panel is HUGE at 6 1/2′ long! It shows the Breen attack on Earth and so is pretty significant.

The Romulan Senate stools are awesome, and functional. I want some myself, but will wait till the offer teh set with a chair as they did last time. these have been going cheap, so look for a bargain.

The Dominion Alliance LCARS panel is interesting in that we can’t identify it from any episode. If you know where this is from, please let me know.

We also can’t identify the DS9 Chair and if you can, let me know and I will post it!

The Quark gambling chips are going higher than I would think. There are certainly a lot more, but they are cool.

“The Seventh – Energy Carbine” is a beauty. Based on the Bajoran phaser rifle, I love this paint pattern and think it will look great on display.

Now that IAW is listing about 150 items per week (up from 100) it means there is a lot more potential for good deals. So make sure you scour the bottom of the list for things you might want in your collection.

However, don’t bid on anything you really don’t want. You will find that if you get something you aren’t crazy about, it won’t mean much to you in your collection.

And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums!

Good hunting!


2 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 23 Preview”

  1. I won a Carbon Creek costume a little while back and want to pass on to bidders about the color. I think IAW either enhances the colors and little or takes them in the BEST light possible. The photos for my CC costume had brighter colors than in person. I would guess the current CC costume colors are not quite as bright as they look in the photos.
    Just a heads up so you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Re your bewilderment on the price of the Casual Dress Uniform from TMP mentioned in your blog. You said, “It’s like people think these are all Ilia’s costumes”. Interestingly, the high heart-shaped collar WAS on record as distinguishing Deltan fashion accessorizing of a standard Starfleet leisure outfit – and Persis Khambatta can be seen wearing matching slacks in a rehearsal scene still, featured in one of the old Topps gum cards!

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