Week 23

It’s a Wrap’s decision to increase the number of items auctioned off to almost 150 had the desired effect this week as the total sales were $ 105,983, almost 50% above what has been the average for 100 items.

The T’Pol Uniform at $ 4,974 was the top costume this week. This price is not out of line, as we saw a previous T’Pol stunt costume go for over $ 6,000. Due to her popularity, I think this price is in line with where you would expect.

The Tripp Tucker at $ 3.950 is way overpriced. I think this might be a $ 2,500 costume, but compared to when it went at Christie’s for only $ 1,800 (including buyer’s premium) this is way high.

The Commander Sonak at $ 3,0512 got a lot of people interested. This costume was incomplete in that it was missing the braid on the sleeve and the shoulder strips. But it did have the built in boots and a bio-monitor buckle.

The MACO uniform with the Assault Kit was a great deal. How often do we see such a complete costume? And all those props are a good value when purchased like this for only $ 2,950.

The Starfleet Command Communications Officer costume went right in line with previous “Monster Maroons” at $ 2,948. I really liked this one as it had unique shoulder and wrist strips. The photo at right shows it in use in Star Trek IV.

The Enterprise Hoshi Sato went high at $ 2,703. A lot of these main character jumpsuits have gone high in the IAW auctions compared to what they went for at Christie’s.

The Nemesis “Deanna Troi” jumpsuit looks great and did very well at $ 2,651. These really look good on display, and are still my favorite Star Trek costumes.

The Admiral Kirk Whale Escape Costume seems high at $ 2,651. Certainly it is a well known costume, but it is just a shirt! It should look really nice if displayed correctly.

The McCoy Class D costume went for $ 2,359. This was the costume they used under their field jackets at the end of the movie. It had no insignia, shoulder strips or a bio-monitor buckle, as these weren’t needed as this was underneath the field jacket. None the less, it is a McCoy and so a nice piece.

The Ezri Dax went for $ 2,102 and this is a good deal on the rarer two piece style.

The Borg Drone costume went for $ 1,920, which is in line with previous sales. Just be careful with these because of the deterioration that the latex suffers from.

It appears that the Admiral Kirk Casual Wear was never screen used, though it has Shatner tags. Not a bad deal at $ 1,913.

The Crew asual Wear, is the costume that looks like the one Ilia wears. At $ 1,825, I think it is overpriced just because it LOOKS like her costume. But popular none the less it seems.

The Original Series Style Sciences Jumpsuit is one of the rare TOS items we have seen. And in that lies its desireability, as it is pretty plain. At $ 1,526, not a bad deal for an item 40 years old.

The Quark costume went for a healthy $ 1,751, which is higher than previous Quark’s have gone. I am sure the flood of new bidders is helping here.

The Tom Paris “Drive” Costume is a beautiful costume and went for a very reasonable at $1,625…a great deal in my book for a stunning costume that will look great on display.

The T’Mir costume went for $ 1,615. For Enterprise fans, these Carbon Creek costumes have been very popular. This is the one work by T’Mire, who was T’Pol’s great-grandmother.

I won the Jem’Hadar uniform for $ 1,228 and was very happy about it. I am a huge DS9 fan and so this is a welcome addition. And the price us excellent. This is one of the costumes that has been going at a good price and people should look at. There is another one this week.

Chekov Class C – This was not a screen used costume, but a great deal at $ 1,125. I am surprised this went so low!

Uhura Star Trek V Commando – Went for $ 900, which is a steal for a screen-used TOS character costume.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise “E” Bridge Console went for a hefty $ 5,101. I hope the buyer is picking up to save on shipping! I guess items like this will look great in someone’s basement! Lot # 32, which sold for $ 4,200 (including buyer’s premium) was the mirror piece to this.

The Dominion Ordinance LCARS panel was probably never used on screen. One source told us that this was probably created for some exhibition. And considering what is on the panel, this makes sense, as this isn’t what is usually shown on a set LCARS screen. At $ 2,025 this was way overpriced. (Another reason to belong to the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum…so you don’t overpay for items!)

The Rick Sternbach DS9 painting was very cool, and a good bit of Star Trek history. At $ 1,275 I think it was a good deal that will look great framed on a wall.

The Klingon D’K’Tahg at $ 1,250 is a good deal on a really cool prop. Who wouldn’t want one of these? The photo shows it as a nice piece that hasn’t seen any deterioration. I thought this would go higher, so I think the buyer did well.

At $ 1,200, the Romulan Senate Stools went way higher than they previously have. Still, a pretty cool prop to have in yoru house. I would love a set myself!

I think the Quark Gambling chips were WAY high at $ 1,125. There are a bunch of these, and I think $ 100-150 a piece is where they should be.

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle (actually a Romulan Disruptor Rifle) went for $ 1,125. A good deal at this price as these are really beautiful. We will see more of these as there were a lot made for Nemesis, but never used on-screen.

The Vulcan Lirpa – Kir’Shara at $ 1,051 was a nice piece. i bid on this myself as these are pretty iconic, a sthis was the type of weapon used in “Amok Time”. I think a good deal at this price.

The Cardassian Oval LCARS Panel is HUGE at 6 1/2′ long and went for $ 1,025. Ironically, this is a WAY better piece than the other one that went for twice the price. This was screen-used and shows the Breen attack on Earth.

The Xindi Reptilian Rifle is a beauty. I handled this at the Burbank Creation Convention and I want one! Though rubber, it is truly stunning. I wish I had gotten one of the resin ones when i had the chance. At $ 898, this is a steal.

Finally, I loved “The Seventh – Energy Carbine” as the paint job is beautiful. Based on the Bajoran phaser rifle it went for $ 798.


Best Costume of the Week: The T’Pol Uniform was not only the most expensive costume, but being pretty important, it gets this award as well.

Best Prop of the Week: Well, in a very bad week for props, the Enterprise “E” Bridge Console is the best of the lot.

Best Buy of the week: I really like the Tom Paris “Drive” Costume and at $ 1,625, a great deal.

Worst Buy of the week: The Tripp Tucker at $ 3,950 is just WAY too high for a non-captain costume.

Sleeper of the Week: The Starfleet Radiological Suit at $ 1,325 is a great deal! These are beautiful costumes, made of heavy fabric.


Star Trek: Enterprise E Bridge Console $ 5,100.55

Star Trek: Enterprise T’Pol uniform $ 4,973.99

Star Trek: Enterprise Trip Tucker uniform $ 3,950

Commander Sonak $ 3,051

MACO Uniform and Assault Kit $ 2,950

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the stats!

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