Week 24 Preview

Sorry to get this week’s preview up so late, but between the holiday weekend, and being under the weather, tonight is the first night I could find time. Anyway…..

The Sisko uniform is the top item so far at $ 3,050. Now I won one just like this, a two piece version, at Christie’s. I paid $ 6,000 (including buyer’s premium) and felt I got a fair deal. I think this one will go between $ 4,000 and $ 5,000 and will be well worth it.

The 7 of 9 costume is at $ 2,130. One didn’t hit reserve previously at $ 5,033, and I think this one will certainly go over $ 4,000 and could easily hit $ 5,000. This one doesn’t have the corset that was part of these costumes, but that is no surprise as they are pretty rare.

The Lady Grilka Klingon costume is nice. All the female Klingon costumes are pretty cool and this is no exception. Currently at $ 1,247, this one could go over $ 2,000 and will look great on display.

The Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit is at $ 1,000 and should hit $ 2,000 easy. First Contact style uniforms are beautiful and very desirable for main characters.

I really like the Future Doctors outfit, which is at $ 960 and I am sure will go close to $ 2,000. There is a big following for anything medical it seems, and Doctors uniforms are very popular.

The Torres Maternity uniform is cool in how different it is. I am not sure how well it will do, and what collector will find it interesting, but it is certainly different from the usual Torres uniform. It is already at $ 960 and so I think it will do well.

I love the Klingon Warrior Costume! This is a Star Trek VI movie version and I think it is stunning. If it had the boots, I would be all over it. Currently at $ 921, this one will go well over $ 2,000.

The Miral Paris costume is from Voyager “Endgame”. I love all these future uniforms and this one will look great on display. I see this in the $ 1,800 range. It is at $ 919 now.

There is a Voyager style Dax uniform which should go at a reasonable price. The Voyager style uniforms are not as popular as the First Contact style of later seasons. This could go cheap, so keep your eye out for it! It is at $ 899 and could go around $ 1,500.

The Colonel Lovok Tal Shiar uniform is different from the other Romulan costumes we have seen. Used in DS9 and then Voyager, this costume doesn’t have the obnoxious big shoulders of other Romulan uniforms. It should go around $ 1,300 I think.

The Dr. Katherine Pulaski uniform is quite sharp and obviously unique, as no other crew member ever wore one like this. Even though it is only at 4 404 now, this will easily hit $ 1,500 and could go close to $ 2,000. Again, lots of doctor fans!

The Q2 collection is fun. I really liked this episode. At $ 380 this could be a great deal. The Female Q costume went cheap months ago.

The Ferengi Grand Proxy costume is superb! From the Voyager Episode “False Profits”, this costume is amazing. It was worn by Ethan Philips and will look great in any collection. It is only at $ 360 and you should take a good look at this one!!!

The Futuristic Starfleet Uniform has been sold before. It is currently at $ 338. These have been selling cheap, in the $ 450 range and I won one very early in all this. Take a good look at this. It has a
comm badge as well.

The Worf Trial Costume is very cool. At $ 710 it will go much higher. Interestingly, this was up well over $ 3,000 today and so I assume someone bid it up and retracted their bid. From “Sins of the Father”, Worf wore this in his appearance before the high council.

The Jem’Hadar uniform is only at $ 310. Last week I bought one for $ 1,200 and felt I got a great deal. If you like Ds9, pick this one up!!!

As far as props go:

The Starfleet Medical Computer is already at $ 986 and will probably hit $ 2,000. All those medical fans! It is really nice, and certainly worth it.

The Medical Stabilizer is at $ 860 right now. Metal props always look good in the handiwork is so amazing. This will probably go around $ 1,800.

The Transwarp Human from Voyager is a cool prop. I am not sure why there is a photo of a costume in this lot, but the lot is just a prop. Made of latex, it has already shown some signs of deterioration.

The Orion console is amazing and HUGE. This will look great in your basement, but expect to pay a lot in shipping. Not many big pieces like this left I would assume.

The Deep Space Nine Operations Center Model is an amazing piece, and well worth $ 2000 or so. I would love this piece, but I am so broke now! 🙂 Models like this are rare and amazing pieces of Star Trek history.

The Daniels Future Technology Case is an awesome piece. I wish that IAW had taken these pieces out and taken some better photos. You really can’t get a good idea of what these pieces look like.

The Andorian Energy Carbine is a nice piece. I own a resin one and they are pretty cool pieces. This one is rubber, but look sin good shape. This will probably go around $ 600. It is at $ 312 now.

The Bajoran Phaser Rifle is awesome. I love this style of weapon, and if this wasn’t rubber, I would be all over it. It is still beautiful and should go between $ 600 and $ 700.

There is also a Bat’Leth with some tip damage, which is at $ 219 and should go about $ 600-700.

Finally, I really like the Alien Head Mask from the Voyager episode “Latent Image”. Of course you have the issues of latex deterioration, but preserve this and it will look amazing for you.

Well, I hope you have all checked out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums. Unlike many other prop forums, there aren’t idiots who have nothing better to do than to pounce on you for posting something. We are all Star Trek fans who have a great time chatting about our favorite hobby. We are even sponsoring a booth at the big Star Trek Vegas convention. More news to follow!

Good hunting!


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