Week 24

This past week, those of us who watch the auctions every Friday were a bit worried

The Sisko uniform was the top item this past week hitting $ 5,203. This is a rare two piece version, and at Christie’s, I paid $ 6,000 (including buyer’s premium – though I got a Comm Badge with mine), so this was a good deal. I think Captain’s costumes have settled into the $ 4-5,000 range.

The 7 of 9 costume was close behind at $ 5,000. One previously sold just like this for $ 3,605. Though this one didn’t have the corset that was part of these costumes, it is still pretty rare.

The Klingon Warrior Costume was awesome. It was a black Star Trek VI movie version and nicer than any other one we have seen from IAW. It went for $ 3,050 which is a record for a Klingon costume on IAW. I think this one looks even better in person and will make a great display.

The Worf Trial Costume ended at $ 3,025. I don’t think the baldric was part of that costume, and so am curious where it is from. None the less, a great piece from a great episode, “Sins of the Father”, where Worf wore this in his appearance before the high council.

The Torres Maternity uniform went for a strong $ 2,550. A record for a Torres on IAW, certainly because of its rarity.

The Dr. Katherine Pulaski uniform also went strong at $ 2,125. Doctor’s uniforms seem to have their own special sub-group of collectors and so it is no surprise that this went went where it did.

The Lady Grilka Klingon costume was beautiful. When I really spent time looking at it I was very impressed. It went for $ 1,825 which is in line what regular Klingon costumes go for, so a good deal for a great costume with strong eye appeal.

The Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit went for $ 1,725, which was about where one would suspect. I think we will see more of these, and the First Contact style uniforms are always good buys because of the quality of the fabric and how they look on display. They continue to b e the most popular style with fans, with late season TNGs close behind.

The Voyager style Dax uniform went for $ 1,595 which was right on for the less popular Voyager style of early DS9 years. None the less, the fact that you can buy main character uniforms at these prices tells you how lucky we all are!

The Colonel Lovok Tal Shiar uniform was different from the other Romulan costumes we have seen so far by IAW and went for $ 1,530, which again, is pretty on par with previous pricing.

At $ 1,515 I am the proud new owner of Nog’s dress uniform. The Dress uniform is the first of this style we have seen, but lacks the uniform belt we that this type of costume shares with the black Admiral style. I am a Nog collector and also added his blue repairman overalls from “Badda Bing Badda Bang” to my collection from my good friend Dana who won them on IAW a few months back.

The Ferengi Grand Proxy costume from the Voyager Episode “False Profits”, was truly beautiful. Ferengi costume vary in their appeal. This was at the top end of that spectrum. This costume was worn by Ethan Philips and ended at $ 1,504. A reasonable price.

The Future Doctors outfit, ended at $ 1,415 which was actually cheaper than I thought it would go. I love this style and just couldn’t afford to go after this one at this price, but would love to complete a set of these. This came with the lab coat which is a nice touch.

My buddy Dana wanted the Miral Paris costume from Voyager “Endgame” and so I stepped aside for him, but I love this one. And it came with a comm badge and rank pip! I love all these future uniforms and this one will look great on display. At $ 1,390 a great price I think.

The Major Kira maternity costume at $ 1,382 was a steal when you consider how high Kiras have been going. This has both rank pin and comm badge too.

I should also mention that a Jem’Hadar costume went for only $ 739! Priuces are coming down on the costume that we see a lot of.

As far as props go:

The Orion console was the top prop and not a bad deal at $ 2,750. Shipping will be a killer, so I hope the winner is in LA. But very cool piece.

The Deep Space Nine Operations Center Model was awesome. At $ 1,704 a good deal as well for a serious piece of Star Trek history. The original TOS one of these went for a crazy amount in a Profiles in History auction a few years ago, and I think the historical significance of these models will keep their value up for years to come.

The Starfleet Medical Computer went for a CHEAP $ 1,285. I can’t believe what a great deal this was. Star Trek Prop Forum member Jason won this one so it has a good home now. Hopefully he can bring it to the Vegas con for display at the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum booth!

The Star Trek TNG “Evolution – The Egg Probe” went for $ 1,104. A nice model, this is a decent price on something like this, which is probably pretty impressive in person. I didn’t notice this the first time around, but I think the buyer will be happy with his purchase.

I didn’t even review the Enterprise E bridge style chair in my preview because I was so under-whelmed. None the less, a happy buyer won it at $ 965. The cool thing is the embroidered Starfleet log on the back of the chair!

The Son’a Particle Collector Ship model went for $ 936. There were a bunch of parts with this one and a model b uilder will have a field day with this.

The Medical Stabilizer ended where it was on Thursday with no more bids at $ 860. That really surprised me, as I thought this was the type of prop that will go higher. A good deal though!

The Transwarp Human from Voyager also went cheap at $ 835. This could easily have gone at twice that, and I think the winner did well. Of cousre, it is latex.

The Bat’Leth went for a reasonable $ 776 considering it was damaged. These are pretty cool and something any Star Trek fan can appreciate.

I won the Nog’s cane lot, which I am splitting with a buddy from the Forum. At $ 766, we paid $ 383 for each and that is a steal. I am pretty fired up about this one.

My buddy Brett won the Voyager 5 stool lot for $ 665, which is a great deal. I am taking two of these to have in my game room. How cool is that to have Star Trek stools for $ 133 a piece?

The Andorian Energy Carbine at $ 611 is a good deal. Rubber weapons are a great deal right now, as the Bajoran Phaser Rifle at $ 533 supports. These prices are crazy cheap, and so keep your eyes out for good bargains here.

Finally, the Daniels Future Technology Case went CHEAP at only $ 566. This was a real stunner. I would give it my deal of the week, but there were no close ups of the two pieces inside, so I don’t know how cool it will be in person. My buddy Dana won this and maybe he will bring it to Vegas.


Best Costume of the Week: The Klingon Warrior Costume at $ 3,050 was more beautiful than either the Sisko or 7 of 9, which both sold higher. This Klingon costume was amazing.

Best Prop of the Week: Clearly, the Deep Space Nine Operations Center Model was the best prop of the week. A true piece of the history of the making of my favorite Star Trek.

Best Buy of the week: The Starfleet Medical Computer went for $ 1,285, a great deal on an awesome prop!

Worst Buy of the week: No real bad buys this week!

Sleeper of the Week: The Miral Paris costume from Voyager “Endgame”. Dana, you better leave this to me in your will!


Star Trek: Ds9 Sisko uniform $ 5,203.

Star Trek: Voyager 7 of 9 costume $ 5,000.

Star Trek VI Klingon Warrior Costume $ 3,050

Star Trek: TNG Worf Trial Costume $ 3,025

Star Trek: Enterprise Orion console $ 2,750.

And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


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